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3 Ways to Feel Great this Weekend!

Welcome to the Good Morning Life

Welcome to The Good Morning Life! - A daily Blog and Micropodcast about Everyday living, Fresh Ideas and Delicious Recipes for a happy and healthy life!

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I’m your host Belynda Farias. Today is Saturday February 20, 2021. (day 51)

Today is #Nationalloveyourpetday

Tomorrow is #NationalStickybunday

Main Story-

3 Ways to Feel Great This Weekend!

The Weekend is here! and now it's time to settle in to whatever this beautiful weekend is going to bring!

There is always a great weekend happening on the horizon, the key is to stay connected to good vibes...

I was thinking about my routine to feeling great on a daily basis and I wanted to share my 3 ways to Feel GREAT this weekend!


Having a Positive attitude makes any day feel Fabulous! When you focus on the positive things happening around you, you open more opportunities to see more positive things around you, causing your positive vibration to grow. This will bring nice surprises to your day. Some surprises may be simple such as the perfect parking spot... or some may be big- like receiving unexpected money!

So Start your day... everyday, with a Positive outlook, there is positive in EVERYTHING. Really, even the not so fun lessons of life carry much positive energy.(but we'll get to that on another blog post)


It all starts with a positive attitude, which then inspires gratitude. When you feel GRATEFUL for all the positive things happening to you TODAY, you send out a message for more things to show up to be grateful for..... And they DO... they do show up!

As a positive person, I read about the Attitude of Gratitude many years ago. I started practicing this idea... and it worked so well, I decided it was the best way to live my life... I never looked back!

Everyday, I am inspired to appreciate the experiences on my life's path, and I listen to my heart's joy as I say the things I am grateful for. This is a sample of my words..."I am incredibly grateful for today, for all the experiences that will come to me, for my life and my body that allows me to experience this day. I am grateful for my family, for my businesses, for my customers, and for you all! I am grateful for the sun and moon and stars and for life as we know it in this incredible Universe." I usually repeat these words out loud, because it feels good to do so. I don't recite it to people, I just do it for myself, because I feel good saying it and hearing it.

Try it, Feel the beauty of life pass through your day and express your Gratitude through your positive words.


This is positive intention going into your day. You are purposely planning your day to be great. When you Decide it's going to be good, you are pre-setting your day to a Positive, "All good things come my way" attitude, and 99.9% of the time it will be Great!

You get to decide what you want from you day and from your weekend! Yes, I realize that sometimes we pre-plan our day and somehow, something doe not go as planned and feels less positive. But friends, this is ok! Really. Acknowledge the situation and try to focus on the other positive things happening around you. You have the power to change anything! There is a secret bypassing the bad and focusing on the good. I'll have to share that one on another blog post too, as it's a good one!

So Friends, Every day is a perfect opportunity to have a Fabulous experience, and since the weekend is here, let's make it Super!

Enjoy your weekend!!!

- Belynda Farias

"Happiness is not

by chance, But by choice!"

- Jim Rohn

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