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5 steps to Help you get back to you! It's ok when things don't work out...

Good Morning! and welcome to Day 244 of 2021! What a year it has been and

after going through a few high impacting business projects, I am glad to say I am back!

I believe the Universe always has the perfect solution, and I trust that the outcome has more good than not...

The last time I wrote, I was preparing to venture into my dream of opening an Artisan Ice Cream Shop. Tons of time and money invested, only to learn the building we were working with would not work out for the project we had in mind. This was a huge let down.

I was thinking about the 5 step process I use to help me get through any tough project, and I'd like to share it with you.


Difficult decisions can be scary, but one must weigh the pros and cons and select the best choice for a good outcome. Not sure how to decide? Write it out! I always sit with my pen and paper and think. I make a list of the pros and cons to the project, then read them out loud. I gauge the list with my heart. What FEELS right, is how I approach the list, then I sit quietly and close my eyes and again, Feel the decision. You'll know what is the best decision because your heart will move you.

I made a tough decision to stop the Ice Cream shop project, after accessing the pros and cons and although tough, it was the best decision to make. As a business entrepreneur, you have to get used to failure. They're lessons wrapped up in life and sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. Developing a sixth sense and making smart decisions even when you lose time and money, is the key. Stay connected to You, to your inner genius that will always guide you to your best life.


Difficult decisions are tough on the soul and the only way to get back to feeling yourself is to Rest and Replenish! How do you do that? Pamper yourself....take time off and do something opposite of the project..... something you really love to do. It doesn't have to be expensive... just Fun! Crafting, reading, walking in the park, traveling, painting, cooking... just taking attention OFF the difficult decision and putting focus on time spent with yourself- doing something fun.

In reality... The world can wait for you..... Life will not fall apart. You'll be back in no time... after your body, mind and soul, gets a little rest and relaxation.

Giving the mind time to rest will reward you with new energy to have fun and think of your next project.

For me, I just focus on home projects. I always have things to do at home... and getting things in order, puts my mind into a solution oriented mind frame and after a few weeks of replenishing, I am re-energized and ready to get moving on a new fun project.


There is ALWAYS new lessons learned with each life experience. Make a list of things you learned from the failed project. It may be difficult to relive the experience for some, but going through the motions, will help you highlight what worked and what did not. This creates confidence that in you are in the some situation one day, you will not repeat the tough lessons learned. That is no shame in learning tough life lessons. Give yourself a break! You're human! we are not perfect and the only way to improve our life experience is through the contrast of what works and what doesn't.....

In my time off, I though about so much that I learned through the experience. I gained new knowledge of focus for the ice cream shop business. I experimented with hundreds of recipes and created many of my own. I learned about licensing, building, design and health. I scheduled contractors, purchased appliances and equipment and coordinated deliveries. I took food courses to prepare to open a restaurant and so much more...but mostly I had fun.... a lot of fun.

I reflected on the fact that maybe, just maybe, this was never about actually starting an ice cream shop, but it was a time to learn exciting new recipes, new business tactics, new information that would add to my already overflowing creativity mind bank.


Feeling Gratitude for the experience lived brings you peace. Appreciate what you learned, the people you met, the process of learning a new project... all of this just added to your life expansion.

Feel grateful for you, for your body and mind and all that went in to this project. For your willingness to learn and fail. For the money that was available to help this project through and for the the loving people that help you through it all. There is so much to be grateful for.....

I am grateful...... so grateful, that I got to learn, to play, to create and to expand. I had such a great time working aside my husband and together we had fun planning and building. My children were there to help and the joy and laughter we experienced is something I will always cherish.

” “Sometime’s we have to see beyond the pain.... there is so much good staring right back at you!

Every project you embark on will have it's challenges, it is up to you to decide how far you want to go.

So as I sit here, writing about my return.... I sit in so much appreciation of my life, of my choice to live a fun and fulfilling life, close to my family and friends. I am grateful for this blog, this platform that allows me to speak, share and teach.

Thank you all for being a part of my world. I look forward to more good times with life, with family and with you all!


Remind yourself how Amazing you are! So you had a tough break... it's ok, now let's dust off and get moving again!

Remember, in any situation......You are Never stuck.. You always have the decision to move out of any situation. And if fear tells you otherwise, breathe...then look beyond and find the happy world you created in your heart! ...

You are Wonderful! You are Strong! You are Loved! Always follow the road to the BEST version of You! You got this! You are a better person because of this!

I've enjoyed sharing my process for working through a tough decision... if you have any ideas and/or suggestions, I am always open to add them to my list.

Thank you all for being a part of my world. I look forward to more good times with life, with family and with you all!

Much love to all! See you tomorrow...

Belynda Farias

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