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Attract your BEST LIFE!

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Welcome to the Good Morning Life

Welcome to The Good Morning Life! - A daily Blog and Micropodcast about Everyday living, Fresh Ideas and Delicious Recipes for a happy and healthy life!

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I’m your host Belynda Farias. Today is Wednesday February 17, 2021. (day 48)

Today is #Randomactofkindnessday

Tomorrow is #NationalDrinkWineday

Main Story-

Attract Your BEST Life!

What are you Attracting?

Is it your BEST Life?

What an interesting question right?

It's a question to bring focus to your current situation.... I am a big believer in The Law of Attraction. You don't really have to believe it, it just IS.

The law of attraction is all around us. Think of it like a magnet. You are the magnet, and you are magnetically attracting things to you, every moment, everyday, each and every time.

It is true! What you think about you attract, so it you're thinking about your dreams... easy, you'll notice opportunities for your dreams to start showing up. It's almost like LOA (law of attraction) is listening to everything you're saying, thinking and taking action on. It's reading you like a book... or like Alexa, or Siri, or Google. Isn't it funny that when you're talking about going to the Bahamas one day... an advertisement shows up on your Facebook page for traveling to the Bahamas?

It's no secret that the internet listens to you, watches your online searches and purchases and creates a bio for you of preferred information. Law of Attraction does the same in a more subtle way, listening to your energy, to your words, to your thoughts and actions and then the Ads start showing up, except they're not ads, they are real life. This happens everyday at every moment.

Here's the thing though... it works for the Good thoughts and dreams and everything happy... However, (wah, wah, wah).. it works for the bad or negative thoughts and energy too. The Law of attraction, reads your mind and gives you more of what you're thinking.

If you find a situation that you're not happy with, and it keeps repeating itself over and over, it may be time to reset your attraction button. It's not a button... it's just thought patterns. In order to change or break a pattern, there must be Big change- Something drastic, getting uncomfortable and doing something you're not familiar with. Patterns or habits are hard to break, because we've been comfortable for so long, it becomes difficult to step out and try something new.

We can all think of a situation where an unhappy life story has presented itself a few times, maybe more. It could be relationships... having difficult relationships over and over and always wondering why. It could be money... finding it difficult to keep the money flowing. It could be self confidence or worth.... finding it difficult to believe and love yourself.

Here's the thing... it is ALL showing up because you have an attraction to it! Now don't get upset! It's ok and I promise it will get better!

Understanding that we are ultimately the very energy that is attracting our life circumstances, is the first step of the process. There's no blame on you or anyone. Just clarity and wisdom in understanding why these pattern keep showing up.

This is Self Discovery at it's best. Getting to know the Why of your life- Why things show up the way they do, with the people, places or things that make you question life.

This is Fabulous! Most of the time, we carry old patterns from our childhood, home or work experiences, pain from relationships, broken money patterns, etc.

The BEST news is that it can ALL be changed! How? you ask? By creating NEW thought patterns, and letting the old one's dissipate. Remember it's what we think about... it you keep thinking about "Why it's Not Working?" guess what you're calling? Things and situations that will not work.

However, if you focus on all the Wonderful things that ARE working out for you today... You'll be attracting more Wonderful things to feel, experience and talk about.

Isn't That the BEST news ever? No, you are not doomed! Yes, your life will change for the BETTER.... Always for the Better because that is our ultimate life goal- continued Self Love, Growth and Joy.

Friends, Life is what you make it! It is YOUR life. Your ONE life. Start attracting what you really want! Start making the shift today!

Repeat after me.... "Everything is Always working out for me." "My life is beautiful! " "Money flows to me easily in avalanches of abundance." " I am in the right place at the right time, with the right people." "Life loves me! and I love my Life!"

Positive Attracts Positive! Keep adding positive to your life!

Make your own positive Mantra and repeat it to yourself daily!

Always wishing you all the Best!!!

Much Love,

- Belynda Farias

“Thoughts become things! If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.”

— Bob Proctor

Banana Blackberry thick n’ rich smoothie!

Today Recipe is

Blackberry Banana Thick N' Rich Smoothie

makes 1 serving

You'll need:

1 c frozen blackberries

1 frozen banana

1 tsp chia seeds

1/2 c Greek yogurt

1/2 c Almond milk

1 Tbs Honey

1 Tbs oats

To Prepare:

Mix all ingredients in high speed blender

until blended. Mixture will be thick. Scoop into your favorite cup. Add a Straw and serve!

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