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Be the BEST You today!

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I’m your host Belynda Farias. Today is Thursday March 25, 2021. (day 84)

Today is #Internationalwaffleday

Tomorrow is #Nationalmakeupyourownholidayday

Main Story-

Be the BEST YOU today!

This inspiration came to me early this morning. I was making my bed and I was thinking of a situation I had recently experienced.

I made a business call and was greeted by a person who seemed was not having a good day. It was apparent in the tone and the way he gave his greeting. I went ahead and told him my reason for calling and he was quiet. I thought "Did we disconnect?" No, he just was not answering. This was definitely odd.

I like to try to understand what's going on before jumping to any conclusions, so I figured he was not in his happy place. I heard breathing, so I knew he was still there, so I continued talking about who had recommended me and such. He finally said something. I was completely thrown off by how cold and disconnected he sounded.

After we talked for 5 minutes, I knew this was not a contact I was comfortable working with. That's ok, I'll move on to Plan B, no problem. I got to tell you though, it stuck with me the rest of the day.

I was thinking about how so many times we experience a situation where we really don't know what is happening on the other end of a phone call. I thought "Was He sick?" Did he just get bad news? Was he hungry? " I don't know, but I DO know he was very disconnected with Himself therefore creating a disconnection with anyone he would be in contact with.

So many times, we experience this type of situation and although not pleasant, it is good to feel compassion for them, understanding their disconnection. I don't say anything to them, I just listen and understand, then help if I can or move on.

This got me thinking about our Individual Connection.

It's ok to have a bad day, or sick day, etc. this is a part of our life journey. However, the only way to Be the BEST YOU Today is to practice! Just like anything else in life! We practice our sports, our plays, our scripts, our recipes, etc, but how much do we practice our BEST Selves?

I like that this situation brought inspiration for today's talk.

But how does one Get Started on this Today? Taking the first step is key. This will lead you to more inspiration .

  1. Set the Scene- You have to think of this as if you are the Producer in your own movie. How would you want to portray your BEST SELF? Think about it for a moment.... Okay, Perfect... this is the Best version of You to start practicing with.

  2. Have a Positive Attitude!- Everything is so much better when you can see the glass half full! Being positive attracts more positive things, people and circumstances to you. There is ALWAYS many things to feel positive about.

  3. Impress YOURSELF! - In order to become better versions of ourselves, we must think of how we would be impressed by someone else's kindness, then find new, positive ways to Be Good, Be Kind, and Be LOVE to yourself and others.

  4. READ to be Inspired- Read, Listen, Watch for things that inspire you to be the BEST version of YOURSELF. This will help bring you closer to the PURE YOU that you are. Understanding WHO YOU ARE, opens doors and ideas to connect to, bringing you closer to the YOU, that you were born to BE!

  5. Don't Fall back to your Old Self Habits. It's easy to give in. It's easy to fall into old habits. Maybe the old version of you needed to clean up a little or a lot, whatever you did that you felt was not right, here is where practice the Better YOU helps. Practice the NEW YOU! The Better YOU. The improved version of YOU that You want to see. Don't fall back, keep moving forward.

By Practicing these 4 simple ideas, you can begin to connect to the BEST YOU TODAY! When you live the best version of yourself, you move others to try new things.

Friends, life is our Adventure, let's be the BEST we can BE and help make this world a wonderful place for everyone.

Peace and Love,

Belynda Farias

"When you are living the Best version of Yourself,

You inspire others to live the Best versions

of themselves."

Steve Maraboli

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