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Best places to Sell! My top list of where I've sold my products

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I’m your host Belynda Farias. Today is Monday March 29, 2021. (day 88)

Today is #MomandPopbusinessownersday

Tomorrow is #NationalIamincontrolday

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Best places to Sell - My top list of where I've sold my products & services

Happy Marvelous Monday! Hey Guys, today I'm sharing my top list of places and platforms where I have been successful in selling my products and services for the past 20 years!

Selling is really not that hard. If you're in the right place for your service or product, it will be easy peasy! Really!

I've been selling for the past 20 years, once item or another, learning different things and fine tuning them as I go. I'm still learning and I enjoy that, because I look at it like a fun part of this adventure I chose to take.

Since this is my TOP LIST of places where I've sold my products and Services... I'll start by sharing my first business in graphic design, many moons ago, but good ol' fashioned technique still works beautiful today!

MARKETING PROMO- Back then, online selling was not a big thing, it was just getting started, so I did EVERYTHING by hand..... and foot. (lol) I created my own flyers and posted where I was allowed to do so. Cafes, gyms, Community centers, etc. Anywhere there was a public space allowed to post a flyer. Did this work? OH YES! I got my first call, then my second, then 10, 20, 30! In fact I was having a hard time keeping up with the calls! This was my first experience in being my own BOSS and it worked wonders. Don't be afraid to get out there! Don't be afraid to talk to people (Network Marketing) and Don't be afraid to go a little old school with your marketing.... it Still works in today's market.

RETAIL SHOP/STUDIO - My next business was a Dance Studio. This was a SERVICE Oriented business, taking my experience, barely any expenses, and a whole lot of profit.

Since I grew up in the music industry, I took my talents and started a Kids Song & Dance company. The first year, I used my "Old school" technique building my student base and customers. We participated in all and I mean all the public events, to create additional publicity for the brand. This grew us to enough numbers that I was able to open my first Retail Dance Studio. This was a thriving business! I was positioned in a town that did not have a studio and there was a need for this business. LISTEN to the CLUES. FILL THE GAP. This will set you up for success! Eventually I expanded my dance studio to a Fine Arts Academy. This set my brand for years of success, opening up additional areas of arts for my customers to experience. With time, I opened up 4 other successful Art Studios, fine tuning my experience with each studio therefore creating even more sales and success. One of the important things to remember is Overhead. KEEP IT LOW to PROFIT HIGH.

ONLINE SHOP- With time, I learned how to set up my websites and online shops and sold on Facebook Marketplace. My husband and I started making beautiful entry tables and other farmhouse inspired furniture and on my first time listing my product on Facebook marketplace, I sold the first table, and gained 3 orders, then a few more, then a few more, keeping us very busy for a long time. We profited even more, since we were a customize business, we built the in our garage, and our customers picked up their items. It was a win, win! I eventually opened up a little shop in Carlsbad, CA, (1 hour from my house but one block from the beach) and I would open on the weekends. I built a new customer base and created more custom orders for a high paying customer, plus I was paying a very low rent, since I shared the space with another seller. This was the perfect set up!

Today, I have continued selling online through platforms like FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE, OFFER UP, SHOPIFY, WIX, and ETSY and they have proven to be very successful! ( In another episode I'll go in depth with each platform.)

The thing is to JUST DO IT! Don't be afraid to get in the game. Do LOTS of RESEARCH to find the best platform for your industry, then study some more. But don't take FOREVER waiting for it to be perfect.... JUMP into the game and start playing. Will you make mistakes? OH YES, yes you will, but you will LEARN so much more that will take you to the next step.

The key is to GET IN, LEARN from your mistakes, GET BACK IN THE GAME and play BETTER with the knowledge that you gained.

This is NOT a Quick GET RICH game, At least through my experience.... This is more of a GET IN and LEARN then FINE TUNE to WIN game. IT works! It does! And you won't know until you let go of your fears and Jump in. This experience will teach you SO MUCH about YOURSELF! You will grow in WISDOM, in CONFIDENCE, in RESILIENCY, in SO MANY WAYS.

Friends, I look forward to sharing more about each of these experience in my upcoming Online Classes for Jumping in to WIN at Anything! I always enjoy sharing my personal experiences in hopes of inspiring you all to get in the game. It's FUN, yes even the ups and downs that come with it. At the end of the day... you'll be glad you Tried something that scared you and you SUCCEEDED! AWESOME!

Ok, Have a super Monday! We'll catch up tomorrow!

Hey, please share with me your questions, and experiences in selling your products and services.... I'd love to know!

Belynda Farias

"GET IN, LEARN from your mistakes, GET BACK IN THE GAME and play BETTER with the knowledge that you gained. "

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