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Create the Life you Want!

Welcome to the Good Morning Life!

Welcome to The Good Morning Life! - A daily Blog and Micropodcast about Everyday living, Fresh Ideas and Delicious Recipes for a happy and healthy life!

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I’m your host Belynda Farias. Today is Tuesday February 23, 2021. (day 54)

Today is #Nationalbananabreadday

Tomorrow is #Nationaltortillachipday

Main Story-

Create the Life you Want!

Everyone wants to create a life that is important to them, but how do you do that? That is today's big question?

Creating a Life that YOU want... that you really want, all starts with a Dream...

Dreaming about the things you like, the things you would like, the people, the places, the money, the cars.... all of it... is the beginning to a powerful formula.

But Dreaming is easy right? You're probably wondering "How can dreaming bring me the Money that I want?" Well, in order for you to know what you want, you must envision what it would be like to have it. And that is Dreaming.

We can Dream all day long, and that would be fun... but in order to Create the Life you Want, you must add a second ingredient to the formula...

The Second ingredient is Creative Visualization. This is using your very creative and powerful mind to deliberately shape the Dream into what you really would love to see and hold in your hands.

Creative Visualization is a process of FOCUS. So in starting this second step, I'd like to walk you though the fun and very simple process. Since this is a new focus, you'll want to be a quiet place, free from distractions. Start by closing your eyes and holding a picture of one of the things you'd like to see happen or manifest into your life. Let's say it's a new car. The process of Creative Visualization is visualizing, or seeing in your mind, what it would feel like to have the new car.

The more emotions you awaken, the more vivid the focus. So let's go ahead and play a little with this process....

Ok, a NEW CAR.... Let's set the background, and say you're at your home, standing on the driveway, seeing the car... right there in front of you.

What kind of car do you see? What color is the exterior? What are the details you notice? The front lights? The detailed hood? The sexy lines? What you are feeling right now? Excitement? yes! Ok, now keep your eyes closed and let's keep walking around the the car slowly noticing the other elements... See yourself run your fingers lightly on the car... what do you feel? the smooth finish, the cold metal touching your fingertips? (Now we're engaging touch - again the more vivid the image while engaging the senses, the more you are activating this DREAM to come closer)

Take in as many details as you can with this one image! Walk around the car slowly, Feel the sun kiss your cheek,.. Now open the door... Listen to the sound of the door opening.... can you smell the "new car smell" pouring out of the car?

Perfect! You've engaged all of your senses. Keep playing with this image in the same exact setting with the same exact script that you wrote with your creative visualization for 1 WEEK! Do this EVERYDAY! This is activating this dream to come to life!

The longer you focus on this Creative Visualization, the stronger the ties, and IT WILL MANIFEST! with time. Do this for 30 DAYS and do not be surprised my friends... to see that New car show up in your driveway, ready for you to live the script you created in your mind.

This is an INCREDIBLY POWERFUL process. The Process of Creative Visualization! I have manifested MANY things including my new car!

Do with ANYTHING!!!!! and be amazed! You can CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT by starting with this Powerful process!

Don't believe me? Just play with the idea and test the heck out of it and see what wonderful things show up in your experience!

Ok Friends- I can't wait to share more... but for now, our podcast time is up! Follow me for more at or message me for more info!

Have an AMAZING day! I can't wait to hear the things you manifest!

Much love Always!

- Belynda Farias

See yourself- in the new car,

in the new house, holding the money...

it all starts with a focused dream!

- Belynda Farias

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