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Day 10 - Organize a Drawer or two...

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Day 10- As we continue to move through a new month and try a month of "new things"

today I wanted to try a simple upcycled project.

What is upcycle you ask?

It's when you recycle something you have into something new and pretty!

It can be a furniture item, an old chair, a side table or decorative box, or it can be smaller items, like photo frames, table trays, or glass bottles, which is what I will be using today! This continues to be a popular trend in today's design world.

Before I start today's project, I want to share my experience of why I love upcycling and how you can turn this hobby into a thriving work from home business. If you're looking to start your own business in 2021 then this Top FAB -work from home- online course I designed is perfect for you!

This video course arrives in your email mailbox starting January 21st! Be one of the firsts registrants to get going on this course and starting making $$$! The course is just $21 to celebrate the new year ($199 value) so don't delay... Sign up right here!

A couple of years ago I started a very successful home decor business making farmhouse entry tables and upcycling furniture finds into beautiful chalk painted furniture.

It started with a simple idea as I needed a display table for smaller upcycled items I was selling at a vendor market. I asked my husband to make me a simple tall display table out of 2x4's. I gave him the dimensions and I painted and added the finishing touches. After getting a total cost of supplies, I created a selling price and put a price sticker on my display table. The interesting thing about my first day of sales was that my first item to sell was the display table... and that was the beginning of a successful Upcycled Decor business. If you're interested in starting an easy business in 2021, join my online course today.

Let’s get back to today’s project....

In today's project, I'm working with these empty Tejava Origins Organic Tea glass bottles. I love the shape of these bottles and really I love everything glass for it's green value towards helping our planet. I collect and find creative uses for glass jars, bottles and containers. These are the best for making really cool crafts.

For my project today, I will be using the supplies below:

3 glass bottles of Tejava Origins Tea

masking tape

spray paint

large rock sand

faux plant leaf


Ok, I'm off to create, be back in a bit to update with photos..... to get project updates and more...make sure you sign up for my email list below!

Before I step away, I just want to say Thank you! I really appreciate your visit and support to my creative world! I love this community and it's makes my day just a bit brighter!

I'll be back in a few....

- Belynda Farias

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