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Day 11- Organize a Drawer or two...

Day 11- We all have that junk drawer in the kitchen... The catch all space that gobbles up all the extras, all the scissors, batteries, pens, markers, tape measure, and other thingamabobs...

Today's post is all about helping a drawer and how it will help us back...

Drawers don't get much attention... they hold stuff true, but it feels good when things are organized within the drawer right?

A place where you can see everything in there, sorted by color, shape, size or need.

How does this apply to today's post? My inspiration is to Let Go, Live Happy!

This is one of my life motto's and it's also one of my Instagram pages. I love the idea of sharing this wonderful lifestyle. Feel free to follow this Instagram pages @LetgoLiveHappy

Here's the GOOD STUFF.....

Cleaning a drawer or two is just the beginning. I know it feels like such a chore, but I want you to think about this as something that can be more....

I'm sure there are much more important things on your list for today... however, if you give yourself time and permission to organize that one drawer, it will feel pretty good and hopefully inspire you to do more...

Why? Trust me, cleaning is not my priority, I'd much rather be crafting, creating videos or writing these posts, but why IS it important? Because when you are deliberate about reaching a goal, any goal, you get it done with so much more satisfaction. Because seeing that clean and organized drawer will mean you accomplished something. Because feeling good is the top goal here, and that can easily be achieved today.

You know how they say "Celebrate the little things?" This counts as a little thing and will call for a little celebration. Little celebrations are one of my daily favorites. Don't you just love them?

Celebrations are a constant feed of feel good! I choose to live my life in feel good mode, doing things that are fun and bring joy... and let me tell you, I've been practicing this for years. That's right, I said practicing. Just like anything, we have to set a goal, big or small, and work towards the goal, learning and fine tuning along the way.

I choose to feel good... it's a decision I made and never looked back. It's appreciating things as they come to me, it's looking at life with rose glasses, it's finding the fun in each task... yes, I chose to live the Let Go -Live Happy lifestyle and I'm living the best life for me.

With so many available choices this world offers, it is up to you to decide what you choose to focus on.... and even if you chose an experience that did not or does not feel good, it's never too late to choose another direction.

So Friends, Organizing a drawer or two or three... will lead you to new paths. You might find a photo that will spark a memory, or a seashell you picked up in Catalina, or an old candy cane that made you laugh...

Don't overlook the possibilities in every experience, big or little, it's an adventure you won't want to miss.

See you Tomorrow!

- Belynda Farias

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