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Day 12 - Snuggle up with a cup of hot tea!

Day 12- Do you drink tea? I think tea is one of the best beverages on the planet.

With today being national hot tea day, I thought it would be perfect to talk about the beauty and benefits of drinking hot tea.

Of course we all know hot tea has good health benefits. Wen you have a cold, a nice hot cup of chamomile tea brings warmth and comfort, but did you know you can also drink Peppermint tea, Ginger tea, Echinacea tea or a few more that help heal you through your aches and pains?

Tea has a ton of health benefits, it can also be consumed as a coffee alternative, where rich flavors and a depth of wholesome goodness fill your cup.

I've picked out my favorite "9 Teas to Try" and why you should try them too.

Are you a Tea drinker? Do you love tea? I’d love to know what tea is your favorite! Please comment below and let's share the beauty of the wonderful world of natural teas.

Have a Fabulous Day Friends!

- Belynda Farias

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Chai Spice Tea

This is my favorite tea. Chai tea is a delicious fragrant, spicy tea that is known to help boost heart health and reduce blood sugar levels. Chai tea also aids with digestion helps with weight loss.

English Breakfast Tea

English Breakfast Tea is a blend of black teas that contain flavonoids that contribute to a healthy heart. Regular consumption of flavonoids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Honey Lavender Tea

This tea is aromatic, sweet and delicious. Lavender tea assists in improving the mood.

Lavender is widely used as an aromatherapy agent and supplement to help with anxiety, depression, and fatigue. The tea has the calming effects of lavender and is used to boost sleep. Lavender tea also aids with menstrual cramping and skin health.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea is a wonderful go to tea that has numerous health benefits. Chamomile Tea is wonderful for aiding diabetes and lowering blood sugar. It works well to reduce menstrual pain and inflammation. Sleep and relaxation are another benefit, plus treating cold symptoms and mild skin conditions.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint Tea is yet another favorite for it's minty properties that ease digestive upsets. It may help bring relief to tension and migraine headaches. It's minty taste freshens your breath and relieves clogged sinuses. Peppermint tea improves energy, and fights bacterial infections.

Ginger Lemon Tea

Ginger lemon tea aids with digestive discomfort. It aids with weight loss and improves immunity. Ginger lemon tea may work as pain relief and reduces the risk of cardiovascular and liver disease.

White Tea

I love White Tea for it's rich properties in antioxidants. White tea may reduce the risk of heart disease and could help in weight loss. Drinking white tea helps protect your teeth from bacteria, helps combat skin aging and has compounds that may fight cancer.

Green Tea

Green Tea is a favorite go to because it improves brain function and may protect the brain from aging. Green tea is known for the antioxidants it contains that may lower the risk of some cancers.

Green tea helps prevent cardiovascular disease, may reduce bad breath and assists with weight loss.

Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea is a favorite of my husband due to taste and health benefits. Oolong tea reduces the risk of heart disease and lowers cholesterol levels. It decreases inflammation and help fight obesity. It is know to boost energy and improves tooth and skin health. And lastly it aids in diabetes prevention and lowers the risk of cancer.

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