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Day 13- Read or write a poem today

Day 13- Why is poetry important?

We all have gifts within us and poetry is a beautiful expression of words, that spark emotions of a moment in time....

Although I'm not a professional poet, I know what poetry means to me.. It is a personal space of expressive creativity. We all use words to express ourselves everyday.... in reality, we are walking poetry, creating the story of our lives.

Poetry does not have to rhyme. I like when poetry rhymes, it's fun to play with like-sounding words and place them creatively in what seams an invisible puzzle, so they fit just right and make sense to the story of the poem....It inspires creative thinking and I love that!

When poems do not rhyme, it is self expression at its best, not having to think of the rhyming words, just the feeling, the emotion, the tears, the joy it instills within you. This the the magic of poetry.

Poetry is a song, a love letter, a quote, an expression! When we sit and take the time to write a poem, we are giving ourselves permission to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and sit in a creative space. We listen to what our heart is saying, to what we are feeling....and write.

What pours out of you is a emotional art form that you translate into words that move.

We all have this talent... yes every single one of us! Some may be better at it, but, we all hold this gift.

Today, is #nationalpoetrybreakday which is wonderful, because it reminds us to stop and take note of where we are. We can be inspired to seize the day with a morning quote like this poem...

Whatever your day has in store for you, today is a great day to sit down and write a little part of your poetic life. Use a post it, a napkin or type it in google documents... You don't have to share it with anyone if you don't want to... this is a gift to you from you....

Wishing you an amazing day friends! See you tomorrow!

-Belynda Farias

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