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Day 14 - Dress your pet and play

Day 14- Finally a day to focus and play with our pets.

Pets need pampering too, and here's the secret... when you focus on giving love and attention to your pet, you focus on love and attention to you too..that's a win win for all...

I love how each pet has their own distinct personality. It most definitely makes the dressing and the playing extra fun!

We have two small dogs at home... we call them "The Boys"... Charming is a Chipoo (a mix of poodle and chihuahua. He's 6 years old and he's one of the best dogs we've ever had. He's gentle and loving. He lets us play with him anyway we want... My daughter even taught him to skateboard.

Frosty is a purebred golden dachshund. He just turned 2 in November. Frosty is the circus dog, as we lovingly call him, he is a quick learner and loves to steal the show..

I knew today's #nationaldressyourpetday, holiday would be fun! My youngest daughter and I set out to find these little guys a matching set of doggie clothes. We found these adorable little collared sweaters... I knew these would be perfect. Can you believe I found these at Ross for only $4.99?

As a BONUS, I decided to make my pups new bandanas. I'll sharing my super easy DIY, no cost, no sew-pattern so you can make them for your pets! I'll be posting pics later today.

You'll want to watch the short video on dressing these two... it's a short, fun video, starring this funny duo.

Taking the time to play with your pet is an important way to disconnect from the daily stress... As we play pet dress up, we enter a world of fantasy playtime and forget the negatives of our days. The more you do this, the more you are focusing on the positives, which ultimately means feel good and that is what we're always looking to celebrate!

Have fun today! Love them, hug them, kiss them and share the unconditional love between you and your loved pet(s).

Enjoy this beautiful day!!

-Belynda Farias

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