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Day 15- Be Spontaneous!

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

I like to write my posts fresh in the morning based on what I feel inspires me.

My posts are not pre-planned. I tried doing that and I found out that the best way I work is by listening to what comes up to the plate... I believe I sitting in inspiration and instinct then sharing the story.

I had planned on talking about the importance of donating, but this story came up on queue.

Here's what happened as a result of allowing the morning speak to me....

To my surprise, my husband took the day off to take care of some things. He asked me to accompany him to his work to pick something up.. although I had other plans, I didn’t think twice about it, I said “Let’s go!”

I know and trust that the day will bring good things my way so, I knew it was a good idea..

The drive to his work is very scenic, a road I had not been on for a long time, and I really enjoyed connecting with the beauty of the natural landscapes. Conversations were pure and meaningful. We got to spend time connecting on this point of time and space and that was a gift in itself.

Angel works as a metal designer/fabricator and with over 30 years of crafting, he is a master genius. I am still in awe of the things he can create with a little of this and a little of that, as he puts it. Taking flat sheets of metal and creating complex pieces that make up these gorgeous old war fighting planes. He loves his job. He's one of the few people I know who truly enjoys what he does after so long. There's a lot to learn in that.

Sometimes, he comes home so excited about a project, you would think it was Christmas morning! I love that! I love this man, and I've learned so much from him. It wasn't always that way, we've worked our way to this level and I'm so grateful for that.

Being spontaneous allows these gifts to show up in your experience. "Being spontaneous means letting life lead you in any direction.. totally trusting that it will be a fun, satisfying and rewarding experience!".

I love being spontaneous! I'll be honest, I was feeling a bit of pressure, that I put on myself, but I found that this morning's spontaneity released all that pressure and reset it into a neutral place, a clean slate. That was exactly what I needed. (Thank you)

I like to think that life is constantly sending me clues and messages, and many times they come in the most unexpected ways. The important thing to remember is to allow yourself to be present and quietly listen and the clues will lead you to a good place.

Friends.... Be Spontaneous today! Do something unexpected, just to fun's sake! and Be spontaneous more of the time... I guarantee this will bring new fun and possibilities that might just sweep you away into happiness.

Have a Fabulous Friday!!

- Belynda Farias

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