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Day 2 - Make a Plan- List your TOP 21 for 2021!

Today is the perfect day to sit down and make your list of dreams, goals and resolutions for 2021!

I'm sharing my list of TOP 21 for 2021 and I am committing to practice them!

(Get Your FREE list here! )

Today was another quiet day where I had the chance to have some quiet time and really think about what 2021 would mean for me. I knew I wanted to be realistic with my list so I would practice it daily and feel true to my goals. I kept my list simple, you know, eat healthy, organize, learn new things... I actually listed over 40 items! I then read and re-read the ones that really connected to me and that's how I came up with this list. I feel great about this list and I know I will practice it happily which in turn will help me stay in the feel good zone.

I want to share this free list with YOU so you can make your own list too! It's absolutely FREE,

no strings attached. I know this list will help make your 2021 a great year!

Why create a list at all you say? It's good to make lists, especially a New Year's list! where you can dream of the upcoming year and make changes that you would like to see different.

Although we have no control of what's happening in some areas, creating a positive list of things you'd like to experience for yourself will help you feel great, as you check off the list seeing your growth and accomplishments. And isn't Feeling Great a good place to be?

I am so grateful for my life and everything and everyone in it! Thank you for your continued love and support! Here is your Free Digital Download to create your TOP 21 in 2021!

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I'm ready to make this year what I want to see out it... Joyful experiences, good health and fun times! I can't wait!

Join my community group on FaceBook and share your year with us all!

Have a Fabulous Day!


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