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Day 22- Save a "dollar" for a rainy day!

Day 22- Save a dollar for a rainy day!

It's Fabulous Friday and we're getting some very much needed rain today... It made me re-think today's planned post and redirect to talking about money...

Money. Everybody wants it. A million ways to get it. Fun to spend it, so Why save it?

I'm sharing my personal story of money and how I changed my money story...

I think like most people, I grew up with scarcity of money. The term "Money doesn't grow on trees" would come up very often.

My father worked hard for money. My mother stayed home to tend to the kids and house. With one income, we were limited to what we could spend. My Mother was the money manager, carefully making the best decisions with the money coming in. I never felt poor, we had everything we basically needed... a roof over our heads, warm food on the table and treats every now and then.

My mother was very creative. She went to beauty school, so she did all of our hair cuts and treatments. ( I got a lot of perms when I was a teen, curly hair was really in... lol) I never set foot into a hair salon until my 20's after I was working and I treated myself to a day at the salon. She also was a professional seamstress, so she made majority of our clothes. I felt so special, because I literally showed my mom what I wanted and she would make it. I loved fashion as I created any piece I wanted and she would magically whip it up. (Later, I learned to sew and made my own designs) She sewed a lot. This was her contribution to the household budget. She had her regular customers who she made custom fashions for.

My Mom was also very crafty, especially with the glue gun. She still has scars from those glue gun projects. I was very lucky to grow up in such a creative environment and I loved it!

I remember her making tall faux floral trees, that were very popular at the time and she sold them to her clients. Little did I know I was secretly learning about business and how to treat a client, how to create a product they'd love, in short, how to make money.

My Mom didn't stop. She had kids to care for as her money, gave us the liberty to join Cheer and sports, and the school trips. My mom made money... for us and I love her dearly for caring so much.

We didn't have much Savings, that I knew of anyways. I know we lived paycheck to paycheck. Back then, all the financials we learned at school was how to write a check correctly. No savings, no investing, nothing... I don't blame any of the past... it was, what it was.

Fast forward to 1997, I met my husband Angel, a young hard working man. I got lucky with this one... he was an excellent provider for his family, often times forgetting to care for himself because family needs came first. We lived paycheck to paycheck as well, never having enough to put away to savings, and when we did, something always came up that would suck us dry again. This was life at its best, teaching us and testing us. We eventually bought our first home, then a rental home and life was looking pretty good, until the fall of 2010, where pretty much everything we had came crashing down and we had nothing left. We rebuild, yet again and each time learning from the past lessons. Fast forward to today... we're living the best life to date.... and I know there's much more coming.....

Money will come and go, and that's really the most important info to know. FLOW. Money needs to and out. The more you focus on the money flowing, the more the flow will grow. The more you focus on the lack of money, the more the lack will grow too.

So, WHY save a Dollar for a Rainy day? Because you should. period. It's always a good idea to have a savings. Set yourself a small goal and meet it, for example; Save $20/mth or $200/mth, or $2000 month. Whatever number you decide on, be realistic, start small and work your way to level 2 of your savings goals. One day opportunities may arise and you'll be happy for that "dollar."

Here's a valuable lesson I learned and have practiced daily for the past years... ( and it works miracles!)

CARRY a "dollar" with you (whatever denomination; $1, $10 $20 $100) in your wallet purse or phone, as a reminder of your new focus on your new money story. Do Not Spend it! It's your silent cheerleader cheering you on to your new wealth.

WHO will benefit from this idea? You! This fun game will be a game changer for you and others around you as they see you manifesting money.

WHAT does that dollar make you feel? Rich? Good. It's the new money story you're creating and telling yourself. You can imagine that dollar bill with two zeros added making it $100 bill, does that feel better? What if you had a $10,000 check in your wallet... as pocket change? What does that make you feel? Freedom? YES! you got it.. keep playing!

WHY is this important? A visual reminder will keep you on track. It will be challenging at first, because it will stir up ideas and feelings last associated with money, but YOU can change that into a new story... A story of wealth, continuous money flow and good fortune. Think of this as having unlimited "dollars" available whenever you wanted.

WHEN will you see a change in your money story? As soon as 30 days or playing the game! I'm not saying you're going to be a millionaire or win the next Powerball lottery.... I'm saying, money will start flowing from anything, anywhere. You might find $100 on the street, or receive a check for money owed to you, or sell something unexpected... Money has no limits. It will come from anywhere, anyone, anyplace and land in your hand.

HOW can you explode this idea? By taking the game further into building a real savings account, for a rainy day or not. Adding that dollar a day to a new bank account will multiply and work for you. Investing that rainy day "Dollar" although risks are involved, it can prove to well worth your while!

PLAY the Money game... just for Fun! Test it and see it can change your life! And remember it all started with a rainy day.....

The next time you see, hear or feel, RAIN...have fun with this idea. Think of that dollar bill you have in your wallet..... and how each drop of rain is a dollar bill going into your saving account! Why with this idea Friend.... you will will be a Trillionaire in no time!

Happy Friday Friends!

- Belynda Farias

DID YOU KNOW? The United States no longer issues bills in larger denominations, such as $500, $1,000, $5,000, and $10,000 bills. But they are still legal tender and may still be in circulation. All U.S. currency issued since 1861 is valid and redeemable at its full face value.

( Reference

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