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Day 23 - Don’t be afraid of a new path...

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Day 23- Don't be afraid to take a new path...

Life presents us with many opportunities each and everyday. Some that lead us out of something and some that lead us into something new. These are new paths.

But what if a new path, a new direction, a new idea shows up... what do you do?

I’ve learned through some tough life lessons... take a moment to process the idea, meditate on it, ask your inner counsel....

Although I believe in being spontaneous— and acted on some big decisions on spontonaety, some backfired and caused me some stress. I learned to take in the new path and savor it and then move forward.

New paths are roads to opportunities! Yes, we must explore new roads... do not be afraid!

Go forth into your day, conquer the new paths... they showed up at the perfect time for you....

Happy Saturday,

Belynda Farias

do you do?

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