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Day 24 - Make a Family Favorite Dish!

Day 24- Make a Family favorite dish!

Sunday night dinners have recently become more special in our household. With all that happened in 2020, we found a new family reconnection during dinnertime....

My eldest daughter and her Son in Law will be bringing a special Dinner they want to share and I will be making the pasta, salad and baking as well.

Tonight's menu will include Baked Ham, Butter spiced Asparagus, Creamy mashed potatoes,

Yummy Mac and cheese, and Green salad.

I'll also be baking homemade bread and Almond flour biscuits and a Delicious Rose Apple Pie.

With everybody being so busy with their work and school schedules during the week, Sunday is the perfect time to rest, relax and catch up. Dinners should be special. A place where family can get together, it's a time to celebrate a simple dinner... A time of reconnecting

Be present in the moment, put the phone away, look at each other... laugh!

Have good conversations, cook together, share fun memories from the past,

take time to slowly savor this day...

Wishing you everything you want today.....

- Belynda Farias

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