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Day 25- Finish a Project...

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Day 25 - Finish a project...

It does not have to be a big project. It does not have to be a priority project. But it does have to be a project you set aside for later... for today.

Maybe it's organizing your closet, or hemming those pants. Maybe it's creating a new flyer for your business or starting an cleaning out your laptop. Whatever your project, as I know we have several, today is the day to finish it!

You know what happens when we "forget" about a project, when we no longer finish it, and move on to other things... It's an unchecked box!

Too many times, we start projects, of all kinds, and we're so excited right? Putting in the extra time and effort to get it done. We have goals right? to finish the project.... This is the fun stage. When the project is exciting and fun, as you discover new challenges and solve problems, no matter how big or how small the project is.

But, what happens when the project becomes harder, there is no discovering new things, the fun seems to have left and it's boring, time consuming and money wasting...

You are probably inspired to stop right? This seems like the best solution. But is it really?

I've had my fair share of projects, and I've learned that big projects have a learning curve.

They have 12 emotional stages we go through. I share these stages as my personal learning curve and experience. Through this process I learned that "If I can understand where I am on the curve, I know how much closer I am to my project Success."

This list can be applied to life and business changes too. As I re-visited my past projects in life and in business, I realized the 12 emotional stages have always been there....

The problem for me was that, too many times, I gave up at number 7 and didn't look back.

I moved on to other new projects because I thought that was it...

Download pdf here

What I didn't understand was the feeling of defeat I lived with for so many years, thinking I couldn't do it, I couldn't live up to my success...

Many of my projects were successful... very successful, actually more than I give credit to, but the failed projects stuck out like sore thumbs as reminders of what I did not achieve.

I've been fortunate to play with many different business projects and knowing the 12 Emotional stages, I'm better prepared for obstacles. I know I will be emotional, this is my nature. Maturity and experience are on my side as well. I have several projects coming up. I know I will be experiencing some of the emotional stages, but I also know there is a beautiful light at the end of this project tunnel, and I will see it through and I will succeed.

Friends, we all have projects in the works, and I hope that today I shared some understanding of how we work our emotions through these changes/projects. I'd love to hear some feedback about the emotional stages you've experienced.

Take a part of today and "Finish a Project" or at least review my chart of emotions and see where you are and how much closer you are to the finished line. You got this! Keep going! You can do this!

I'm with you all !(heart and hug)

- Belynda Farias

12 Emotional Stages of Projects

  1. Excitement- It's a new exciting project!

  2. Inspiration- You see what it can look like when finished

  3. Motivation- You cheer yourself on- to keep going

  4. Self-Doubt - You start to question yourself - What am I doing wrong?

  5. Overwhelm - It's not working out the way I thought

  6. Avoidance - This is where it moves to the back burner... I don't want to talk about it.

  7. Defeat - You feel like you failed.

  8. Surrender - Take time off the project - usually a few months or more

  9. Hope - You made it back here - It's meant to be...

  10. Trust - Trusting the second time - will be better

  11. Belief - Believe it's working out, confidence is building....

  12. Satisfaction - I made it through! Let's do this!

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