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Day 29 - Light up the way...

Did you know that you can Light up a pathway? Yes! With your bright shining energy of love, peace, balance and joy.

When you're feeling great, you inspire confidence and joy. Others around you are curious and can feel your bright energy. Being in this light is contagious. It inspires others to look at life a little different.

Being in a Happy mood is like a ray of sunshine lighting the way for others!

Don't worry if you think your light is not bright enough.... it is! It's always shining bright within you. Sometime, it just needs a little polishing to wipe away the dust, the fog or the clutter.

Today's post is about connecting with your inner beacon to light the way to your hopes, goals and dreams. To light up the pathway for other's too!

You see... although it's cold, wet, and gloomy outside... the light you hold within can bring a glow that is brighter than the sun.

Why is this important? Why do we need to "Light up the way?"

Knowing you hold the KEY to your Light source, opens opportunity to tap into that energy and fill up the feel good tank.

As we experience our day to day living, we may encounter times when we are not feeling our best. One day you wake up with a headache or body pains, or sadness, and that's OK. These emotions are a part of your experience. Just know that when you feel a bit under the weather, you can always go to your inner energy source and fill up on the good.

Connect to your Light Source...

Meditation is a great way to tap into your inner power plant. Meditation means standing still in a quiet space where you can focus on the moment and release any negative thoughts. It is a practice, but after some time, you will get better and the time of release and re-energize becomes shorter and quicker.

How can you Light up the way?

Start with a SMILE - A simple smile breaks barriers, changes mood and inspires Positivity!

Be POSITIVE - A positive mindset attracts more positive energy.

Be a MODEL - Set the example, be a model of Positive Good.

SHARE the good - Share your positive light with friends and family. Share positive quotes, stories and information on your social media platforms, this inspires the good to create a ripple effect and reach the ends of the earth.

During times of uncertainty, it's easy to lose sight of the light. You can step up and Be the Light to others in need. And when you encounter a valley, take a walk to help lead you to your source of Pure Light and be the light for You!

Have a Beautiful day Friends!

- Belynda Farias

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