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Day 3- A great day for start a new project!

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Day 3 - As I woke up this morning to Bruno Mars' song "Just the way your are"... I knew it was going to be a great day!

What to do? What to do today?.....We'll, It's the perfect day to start a new project! Whether it's an hour long project or a week long project, today is that day you've been waiting for! yay!

This is exciting, because sometimes we procrastinate too long and then it no longer feels exciting or fun, it may feel overwhelming... but friends... today is a clean slate and that project that's been waiting for you has stepped up to the plate.

Your project doesn't have to be monumental... maybe it's cleaning out the junk drawer, maybe it's cleaning the ceiling fans, maybe it's painting a side table or a picture frame... only you know what that project is that was important enough to catch your attention....

Well, today is here and it's time to tackle , wait not tackle.... it's time to have fun with this project! yes!

My small project for today, is arranging my dining table... getting it cleaned well, after the holidays... and creating a new centerpiece from the holiday floral arrangement that my beautiful teen made us for the holidays.

Although it's a small project, it means a lot to our family energy, since we gather here for meals, crafting, nails, game night, painting, etc... this is really the heart of our family's together time.

As I write this I get a bit emotional as I think of all the things we've created at this table... lot's of conversations, some more difficult that others, like when my youngest daughter was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes in May of 2020, we all sat here and made a new plan, really a new pact to fully support my daughter with everything she needed. We all agreed to change our eating habits, really our lifestyle to accommodate her stricter needs.... This was purely out of love for her and that conversation felt so beautiful to me, seeing my family come together in a beautiful act of love for their sister, for my daughter......willing to give up many things we loved for the wellness of their sister. I love this table! yes it's a great table....This table isn't fancy, it's actually "temporary"... has been for 2 years.(ha) We moved into this home and used this homemade table my husband built with 2 by 4's and a plywood top... but I didn't care, we just needed a table set up. We sold a lot of our furniture when we moved up here from SoCal. This works just fine for what we need now... and someday when we purchase a new kitchen table, a part of me will miss this ol' table and all the memories and good times we shared. Till then, I will enjoy it.

Ok, let's get back on track....

I will be updating this post later in the day as I work on my project and take new photos.

It took me a bit, but I was able to get the table cleaned up, organized and set it up with a simple and clean plant centerpiece design. It looks perfect for dinner!

Small project for today..... check!

What was your project for today? Did you start a new project?

Whatever you decide to do, take a moment to celebrate this little thing... the day finally arrived for this project... that my friend is awesome!

- Happy Sunday!

Belynda Farias

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