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Day 4 - A cozy cup of coffee and a new book!

I don't drink much coffee... I'm usually a tea drinker inspired by my wonderful Nana Luchy, who sipped on tea her whole life....

I love it! My favorite tea being Vanilla Chai, but English Breakfast is the daily go to...

but honestly once in a while a good ol' cup of joe comes to mind and sounds amazing...

Today is the first day back to school for the kids and it was not easy getting up early since we were still on vacation mode, but we did it. After I got back, I went to the kitchen and started the kettle for a tea, but that's when I thought of the book and coffee felt like a better idea. Maybe I needed a little extra perk to wake up or the delicious smell of coffee came to mind and yes, ok that's what I'm having...

I turned on the pellet stove and fluffed up the couches and pillows, and brought over my favorite cozy throw blanket to warm up. I grabbed my book (Get it Done, by Sam Bennett) and my coffee and snuggled into the sofa chair and started my reading. I usually give myself a 30 min window for reading, since I have many things lined up for today. It's a good book so far and I know I will be applying some of the things I'm learning from this book.

What will you read? There are so many great reads out there. The most important thing to remember is to get into a book that really connects to you, the kind you "sink your teeth" into... the kind you have a hard time putting down... and this means discovering the genre that really sweeps you up. But don't just stay in that genre... venture out. Explore other areas that might cause a spark of interest and then... keep going in that direction.

Do you have a goal for reading books? How many? In my "TOP 21 in 2021" list I shared a few days ago, I listed on #13 that I would read 3 new books this year. I kept my goal attainable at 3 books, as I know I will double that easily with the audio books I listen to... (I love Audible!!)

but I'm talking about good old fashioned physical books, in my hand, feeling the pages flip along and the smell of paper..... of knowledge in the air. This is my goal.

Whatever you goal is for reading or for coffee, or even just for today... here's the scoop... Have fun with your goal! make it interesting... and challenge yourself, always challenge yourself to do a little more... continuously growing towards an best version of you!

Have an amazing 4th day!

- Belynda Farias

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