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Day 6- Celery Strawberry Apple Juice shot

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Happy Monday Friends!

We’re starting a new week and ending my 7 day juice Challenge. But fear not!

I have my 12 day Juice Shot coming up!

Starting Wednesday October 20, I’m starting a new Juice challenge for 12 days!

Why am I starting a new Juicer challenge?

Well I‘m loving juicing and I want to keep going until my Birthday coming up.

I’m planning to lose a few pounds and start my new Birthday a bit lighter.

Tomorrow I'll be posting my plan for the 12 day Juicing Plan, I hope you'll be joining my fun!

For today's Juice Recipe I used

3 stalks Celery

2 small Apples

7 small Strawberries

1 piece of raw Ginger 1" long

Juice together in a slow masticating Juicer. I use the AICOOK Slow Juicer and I love it! Get yours here

Enjoy this Amazing and Beautiful Monday!

See you Tomorrow!

- Belynda

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