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Day 6- Write yourself a Love Letter!

Day 6- When was the last time you wrote yourself a love letter? You know a letter that tells you How much you are loved?... How important you are?...What a beautiful smile you have?

If it wasn't yesterday, than it's been way too long! Because 2020 was quite a year, and we went through so much, I'm sure we focused on survival, not much on writing love notes, but I'll tell you why it is absolutely critical to keep writing little love notes yourself!

I was inspired to create a list of 10 reasons why writing yourself love letter is so important.

As I reflect on my past, I remember a few very important love letters I wrote to myself.

I was very young when I wrote my first one, maybe 17, a time when life was pretty good for me. I had gone to a teens camp with the local church. My good friend Lorraine invited me to go and I remember thinking "What the heck, this sounds like fun, so I'm in.." Little did I know what I would learn and take away from that experience. It was a three day camp in the mountains, no parents, just about 60 kids/teens and counselors. I felt safe. I was open to learning new things. I learned a lot about spirituality that weekend and it began a life long journey of love. We prayed and had bible time, however, I felt more connected to me, than the church activities. I awakened a part of me I had not discovered and I was curious to learn more.

During one of the activities, they asked us to write a letter to ourselves, what we loved about ourselves, about our skills and talents, and what made us special. I didn't think too much about it, and wrote what turned into 2 pages. This letter would be opened in one year at another camp reunion to reconnect with the love we felt that day. I never expected it would create such an impact for me then and certainly now...

When we returned home on that third day, I was changed. I had found a new Love. Self love. My heart felt so happy and giddy it could've exploded. I knew about love, but to feel it with every cell in my body was a whole new experience. I loved my new friends, my camp group, my sister and brother, my Dad and I especially felt a new love and appreciation for my Mom.

That camp introduced me to a new area of focus...Me.

Because of that wonderful experience, I took that activity and applied it frequently to my life. When I was going through a rough patch in life, I'd write. Then weeks later, I'd find the letters and write myself a Love Note to answer. I kept this silent conversation going on for years and it was crucial to my growth.

After all these years, I still enjoy writing letters to myself, kind of like journal entries, but different in the sense that each letter is treated like a letter going out to someone special. I forgot to mention I would mail some of the letters to myself at times.

The Universe has a beautiful plan to help us understand who we are and how we fit into this world as loving individuals and this was clearly my love language to myself.

Developing a harmonious connection with yourself is the most beautiful gift you can give to you. It creates a safe space where the present you and future you reside. It validates your worth and how big a part you play in this life. It encourages and inspires you to do your best and to keep going. It reminds you, how much you love yourself, to be doing this. It means you care for your physical, mental and emotional well being. It creates a beautiful friendship with the one person you can always count on. It's a warm fuzzy hug you're giving yourself. Writing a love letter to yourself is a comfortable sense of knowing your inner expanded You adores you and keeps communicating with you to make changes that will improve your life experience.

For the many reasons there are to point out why this is important, the most important is Love. The feeling of love reflecting from you to you, and there is incredible life changing power in that act.

My friends, I encourage you to write yourself a letter at least once a month or every quarter. It doesn't have to long, just a note sending love, hugs and good vibes to YOU. Mail it out and forget about it. It's always a nice surprise to receive snail mail that matters. How fun will it be when you're just as excited to receive your love letter, as when you send it.

As a bonus, send yourself a little simple gift, perhaps a gold star sticker, a new book marker, a photo you'll love, a free coffee gift card, or something unexpected. The more you cater to romance the beautiful YOU, the more your life will show you many more reasons to Love and that my friend, makes everything worth living!

Much Love from this heart to yours,

Belynda Farias

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