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Day 7 - Reignite your Passion! Reignite your Dream!

Day 7- Passion comes in many forms, but the passion I'm talking about today is You!

Remember the YOU that once had crazy dreams of doing something big? Today is the day to reconnect to that part of you! Those dreams are there, patiently waiting for you to reignite them!

Just because the Pandemic hit, does not mean you can't do anything... Think the opposite... This is the perfect time to Reignite that Passion!!!!

This morning I was ready to snuggle back into bed after taking my daughter to school and I thought, I'm going to work on these projects on my the comfort of my stretchy pants and just sink into my fluffy comforter, when something in me changed.

I received a notification of one of my Pinterest posts doing great (515k views) and I suddenly felt something magical... I felt big excitement, I even got chills! What was I feeling?

Truth is I knew... These last few months I had been feeling a bit down because my Clay studio has really suffered because of the covid regulations and I was preparing to close my doors. The energy was sad. All the hard work I put into the space making it beautiful and inviting, felt like such a waste of time and money since I could not be open. But something different happened today...

I saw me a few years ago when my businesses were thriving beyond what I ever thought I 'd see and I was so happy and fulfilled... I loved that me... That fighter in me, the go-getter, the self motivating Entrepreneur that I am and I also felt my inner genius tell me, "You can't quit!"

My inner genius told me I must try a little harder! At first, I was thinking "This is ridiculous!"

But Is it? Why is it ridiculous? Because businesses are closing and there are little clients? I was curiously listening to myself as I said all of these things and then I said "No!" It's what I've always done . I know what to do when things get tough... I get tougher! I am motivated to find a new purpose for my shop utilizing my online platform, and not depending on walk in traffic.

Today I've decided to fight. To Reignite my passion for what I believe in... my skills, my experience,

my purpose!

And you should too! There is always something out there to do, it may not be what you're used to, or what you've known... it's an escape room filled with clues that you, we, get to play and discover a new adventure!

Whatever your passion is weather it's writing, painting, cooking, sports, coaching, selling, etc... Today is the day to reconnect with that YOU that lit up every time you got excited about that dream. Today is the day to let go of the old feelings or thoughts and spark a new pathway.... Let's do this!!!

To Passion! To Purpose! Reconnect with the Passionate You and follow your dreams!

-Belynda Farias

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