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Day 7 - Tomato Celery Carrot Juice! I Did it! Last day of my 7 day Juicing

Yesterday was the last day of my 7 day Juice Challenge! Whew! I did it! I knew I could, it feels Great to check it off the list!

I learned a few things from getting back to juicing and one of them is definitely How I feel! I feel inspired to say the least to keep going with this juicing thing!

I will be honest with you, I first decided to start juicing because I had purchased a new Slow Masticating Juicer from Amazon for the last shop I was going to open, but since we decided to go in a different direction, this little juicer just sat there in it's box. I knew I didn't want to return it, so instead I decided to use it and... the rest is 7 day history!


reconnected to my love of juicing! Since covid quarantine, I had gained a few pounds and I wanted to get rid of them. It's funny how the Universe works that when you want something, you eventually get it! And it even comes to you in unexpected ways... like this.

I haven't weighed in, but I feel great! I'm inspired to make new changes in my meals and in my movement.

So, because I wanted to keep going... I created a NEW Juicing challenge for myself.... and for YOU too! It starts tomorrow... yes, right away, to keep the momentum going!

You can get your FREE copy of the Check off list HERE!

Come on! Join me! Let's do this together!

I'm excited to discover new things along this next Juicing Challenge... there is ALWAYS new things to discover about myself...

There's no excuse to join! Yes I know we're changing weather and maybe juicing is not as exciting for you during this time of year.... but it SHOULD BE! Since what you are doing is focusing on improving your health and your body will LOVE you for it!

Ok, for yesterday's last juice ingredients, I used

1 small carrot

A handful of cherry tomatoes

2 stalks of celery

1/2 small apple

1" piece of raw ginger

I really enjoyed the tomato flavor. This vegetable juice was refreshing and definitely Delicious!

So, what do you say? Will you join me? Let's do this together and make a Positive change within ourselves!

Much love to you all! Get ready for a fun day tomorrow!

And please..... Go get your FREE copy of my 12 day Juicing plan NOW... to prepare for tomorrow's first Juice.... (Celery, Carrot, Ginger)

ALSO- go subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel to get the first look at the day's new video!

See you in the morning Video!

- Belynda

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