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Day 9 - Let go of control...

Day 9- Letting go of control, what does that really mean? The thing that inspired today's post was my new robo vacuum....(yes, really, inspiration is everywhere)

We recently purchased a new robotic floor vacuum/mop as a second family Christmas gift. This came as a decision to the first family Christmas gift that I'll share in a bit. I was so excited to get this thing going and learned everything I could about it to "help" it work to it's best potential.

We linked it to Alexa and started a daily cleaning schedule at 6am, so it could work before we all got up and the floors would be clean when the day started... It was my brilliant plan, or so I thought....

The first few days I was so excited to hear it go on, I'd get up to see if there was anything in it's way, then go back to bed for another hour... We lovingly named our robotic vacuum DoubleRR7, giving a mysterious spy-like name, as the vacuum of adventure. Why? because it was fun, that's it.

Stories are what make's my day, as you see here, but in reality it is what makes this world go round... This story of DoubleRR7 was fun and exciting. I found myself getting up everyday to pickup and clean a bit before it got started. At first I didn't think nothing of it, but today it hit me... I'm trying to control it's path by cleaning before it starts..and I'm not letting it do it's full job.

DoubleRR7 is prepared for tough terrain, obstacles, and problem solving, that's why they're not cheap... there is a lot of creative thinking that goes into these awesome products... so why was I worried? Maybe it would break, maybe it would swallow up something I needed... This was still control, where was my trust in this thing?

How many times do we try to control things that are happening, with good intentions or course, but it is still control. We do not let that person, thing or experience happen because we are trying to steer first. Friends, let me tell you that it may seem to work for a while, sometimes days, months or even years, but one day... you realize you're not having fun and you are hurting it more than helping it.

I can definitely apply this to relationships with my spouse, and kids and with my business. The greatest feeling is freedom and it will apply here perfectly with time. When you let go of control and let things fall into place, they very often surprise you in their outcome... yes, especially in relationships. Trying to control people, never works. Really. Period.

We had zero control over what happened in 2020 with the Pandemic and with everything else that came with it and pretty much have zero control now. What you CAN control is how you react, your actions, your words, what and how you do it..... and that is all.

I have complete trust that everything is working itself out. Times have been challenging, that is a fact, but fighting control does not bring peace. How lucky we are to have so many choices made available to us...

It's amazing how a robotic vacuum cleaner inspires such deep thoughts... I am grateful for all that comes into my life experience and letting go of control is one of the best things I've done....

I've been practicing this theory for years now. It has worked miracles with my husband and kids and my businesses too. There is such Freedom, in letting go and trusting that all will be ok.

That is the key word... TRUST. Having faith and trust and knowing all is under control, brings peace of mind, which in turns brings more space to feel joy, and joy is the best lifestyle living on this planet. Oh, one more thing... once you let go, you have to commit to it. You must continue to practice this new way of living to see and receive the full benefits. Then emotional Freedom is just around the corner...

Ok, so why did we really get a robotic vacuum as a second family Christmas gift?

The first gift for our family this past Christmas was a new living room set and I chose very light grey colored couches (practically white). We absolutely love them! The are so amazing and comfortable! In feeling the comfort and everyone getting cozy, snuggling into them, we saw many feet digging into comfort. Clean feet would mean clean couches... this was my husband's idea, so he bought us a robotic vacuum to prolong our clean new couches....

We appreciate and love DoubleRR7 but I can't help to think, is there a little bit of control that my husband needs to let go of?

Enjoy this Fabulous Day Friends! See you tomorrow

- Belynda Farias

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