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Easy DIY Dog Treats Valentines Gumball Machine

Updated: Jan 29

I just had to make another one of these adorable and super easy Gumball Machines, but this one for the pups!

For this craft you'll need:

Square glass base

Glass jar with lid that's about the same size

Red spray paint

Super glue

Glue Gun

Wood bead

Red glitter heart pick


Vinyl decals

Doggie treats

Cotton ball

Isopropyl alcohol

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This adorable Valentine treats Gumball Machine is perfect to display your love for your doggies!

We love our dogs so much, this is one way I can show them my love for them while it looks so pretty!

Come on! Go grab the supplies and make one or more for your pups or for gifts!

Everyone will love it! I guarantee it!

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Belynda 💕

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