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Easy DIY- Faux Cinnamon Whip Cream Mug! So easy!

Ok guys, this next project is one of my faves!

My collection of Faux or Fake foods that always looks so realistic it fools my friends!

This easy DIY is easy! It literally takes about 30 min to do, because of drying time, and it will add so much excitement to your table and decor!

Watch my YouTube video below to see all the details!

Let’s get started!

Supplies Needed

2 mugs ( I purchased mine at Dollar tree)

1 can of Spray foam

Lightweight Spackle


Large piping bag

Large star piping tip

disposable bowl

plastic mixing spoon

2 cinnamon sticks

powdered cinnamon

How To:

Shake your can of Spray foam, and spray foam into mug to the top

Set aside to dry 20 minutes or until top is set.

Mix your Faux Frosting (Spackle paste) in a bowl, adding a little bit of water at a time until a smooth frosting like texture is achieved.

Get your piping bag and trim off about 1 1/2 inches from the tip. Insert piping tip.

Fill your piping bag with your Spackle frosting and close end with a plastic clip.

How to Pipe Spackle frosting

Take your Piping bag and squ gently some of the Spackle frosting onto the dries spray foam in the mug. Continue to pipe stars in small sections of the top of the mug until completely covered, hiding any yellow from the spray foam.

Add a Cinnamon Stick. Insert into the side, pressing gently into the spray foam.

Sprinkle Cinnamon on top!

That’s s it! Doesn’t it look Amazing?

I’m so glad to share this Awesome DIY craft with you! Tag me on your pics at #FabulousDIY

Have a super Day!! See you tomorrow!


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