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5 Minute Fabric Pumpkins!

I love easy DIY's and I love to share them with you! Here is a perfect 5 minute craft that you can make today with items you have in your home right now....

Supplies you need:

-Toilet paper roll- cut in half

-Fabric- ( recycled clothing, blankets, etc)

-Rubber band


Watch my YouTube video below for full details


Cut your Toilet Paper roll in half using a sharp serrated knife. Lay over your fabric and cut Fabric around pumpkin leaving about 4-5 inches around the toilet paper roll.

Once the fabric is cut, gather the fabric over the toilet paper roll and secure with a rubber band.

Wrap the excess fabric tightly together to form the "Stem" of the pumpkin and secure with twine.

Continue wrapping the twine around the "Stem" until fully covered.

Tie a Raffia bow for added design.

At this point you can add any other accessories like flowers, beads, etc to add extra flair to your cute fabric pumpkin.

CONGRATS! You did it! Tag me on your photos at #MyFabulousDIYPumpkin #FabulousDIY

This was a very Easy DIY craft! Now you can make hundreds of them or maybe just enough to decorate your space!

Until next time! Live a Fun- #FabulousDIY life!


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