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Get the Table "Holiday" Ready!

October is the official opening of the Holiday Season...

The parties are all around the corner. I wanted to start thinking about simple DIY's that will help dress the Holiday table!

Today's Fall Inspired Table includes a few items I already had on hand... plus a beautiful new Fall inspired Tablecloth and a few DIY Pumpkins I made recently.

Watch my YouTube video below for Full details!

Starting with a plain table.

  1. Tablecloth- First layer of design. This is the backdrop, setting to tone with colors, pattern, and vibe... I like this Fall leaf pattern, it really adds rich colors and movement to the start of the design. Get yours here:

2. Placemats - Adding the second layer, beginning to create the individual spaces by adding placemats to each place setting. I chose to use the dark grey placemats I already had, because I knew the darker color would create a grounding effect and would bring balance between the overall color scheme. Get yours here

3. Table Runner - I chose this patterned table runner because I breaks us the leaf pattern, giving the design Interest and it allows the eye to stop and rest and take it the new color pattern. I love it! Still in the same color palette, adding new lines and shapes to add a bit more excitement to the table! Get yours here

4. Charger Plates - Why Use Charger plates? Why not? It's a beautiful way to add textures and patterns, and focus to the individual place setting. I chose the charger plates with a light grey wood pattern to bring in a natural element, allowing it a little rustic feel, yet beautiful.

Get yours here

5. Dinner Plates - I selected to use my square dinner plates in a bright ceramic white. These add a beautiful interest and plays on the shapes offered by the tablerunner.

Get yours here

6. Appetizer Plates - These beautiful scalloped pattern white ceramic plates add yet again another layer of interest softening the lines of the square plate and adding a whimsical play of movement. I love these little appetizer/bread plates! They're just the right size!

Get yours here

7. Cloth Napkins - I love the natural brown color of these cloth napkins adding yet another grounding element with the dark, rich brown. Add an accent to the napkin tying it with a bit of twine and adding a faux or real leaf. Get your here

8. Centerpiece or Center Display - This can be fun adding anything you want to highlight on your table. I chose to bring in the cloth and fiber pumpkins I made earlier in the DIY videos. Add candles, gems, lights, anything that makes you happy! The centerpiece should add layers of color texture, patterns, and scent. Play around with a few ideas until you find the one that fits!

Friends, This table setting is just one idea that is available to add beauty to your Holiday table! I will be adding more table settings to being you idea and inspiration! Enjoy!

Please share with me your tablescapes! I'd love to see your creative ideas! Tag me at #FabulousDIY

- Belynda

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