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Good Bye March, see you soon..

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I’m your host Belynda Farias. Today is Wednesday March 31, 2021. (day 90)

Today is #Nationalcrayonday

Tomorrow is #Aprilfoolsday

Main Story-

Goodbye March! - Journal today to remember tomorrow....

Today is the last day of March. Can you believe this entire month has flown by?

I can't help to think about the fact the 89 days of the new year have quickly flown by.

Can you recall what happened on January 10, February 17 or March 5?

I can look back and look at my notes and my blog posts, but I want to challenge myself to try and remember something that happened on those dates. I can't.

Could it be my age? Maybe, but I think it is almost impossible to remember what happens each and everyday, other than it being a holiday or special event day.

This got me thinking how important this blog is to me..... and Facebook. I just want to say how much I appreciate Facebook memories. Being on Facebook for many years, I can look through my posts and see the life I've lived with my family and friends, special events, Opening of my businesses, vacations, diy projects and so much more. I can't remember all of these on my own, so having a live digital book where I can go to and see my life experience is a blessing.

Starting a Journal, or a Blog, and writing in it daily keeps measure of your life too. It's easy, free and fun to document your life this way. Even the good, the bad and the ugly have a special part in the journal, as proof of how you overcame those "ugly" events.

Life passes way to quickly, before you know it, 10 years have passed, then 20, and 30 and 50. This is when you realize how precious each and every day really is.

You have the power right now to make a difference in your own life experience! By choosing to document your life experience starting today. This may be the start of your autobiography, years down the road, or a legacy book for your family, your Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren... or so much more!

I have to tell you, for a very long time, I really hated the idea of writing. I was lazy. I felt it took too long and too much effort. I fell into that negative game and did not write in a journal or blog for very long.

Truth is... it's all in the mind. I was telling myself that story and I believed it. One day, I decided to tell myself a new story. One, that writing wasn't so bad, in fact it could be fun. I started to believe it and wrote, I kept cheering myself on for keeping it up. Then I created some simple goals, and met my goals too. I didn't beat myself up if I missed a day or was too busy to get in there, I just caught up the next day. It worked. The simple idea of changing my story worked. I started to make time and room every morning to write..... and I actually looked forward to this time.

I am learning so much about myself too! The process has hidden benefits that you won't experience until you just do it! This is magical!

Did you know you can also deliberately guide yourself to what you want through your writing? YES this is true! What you write CAN MANIFEST! Little did you know, the pen you hold has magical powers.... but it really does.

Take your pen or keyboard and WRITE! Writing can open up new roads, windows and doors of opportunities for you to explore and discover. Documenting what you know, your thoughts and your dreams, your life experience is GOLD! for you and for others too!

Today is the perfect day to start. Grab your good old fashioned journal and write April 1st, 2021. ( I always love starting with the 1st of the month) Set up a digital journal on for free, then get on there everyday and write!

Friends, if we don't document this amazing life we get to live, then who will? Take the first step in writing and get ready for an amazing adventure!

I can't wait to hear about your experience with this idea! Guys, Always wishing you the best! Happy last day of March 2021!

Belynda Farias

"Take your pen or keyboard and Write!

Writing will open up new roads,

windows & doors of opportunities

for you to explore & discover!

Documenting what you know, your thoughts, your dreams, your life experience is GOLD!

for you, your family and for others too!"

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