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Citrus Fruits

Grab your Scrapbook paper! We’re making Paper Roses!

These cute little paper roses can be used for many things! I am looking to make a good handful of these because I am making a Cute Paper Rose heart on Canvas in tomorrow's post.

To make these cuties, you'll need:

- scrapbook paper (or try it with any paper)

- scissors

- hot glue

The Paper roses I made in the video are made using a 3" square. However you can make them any size! Have fun and try out many sizes.

You'll need to cut a spiral shape circle, starting at about 3/4" thick and spiraling into a smaller thickness towards the center. Don't be afraid to try and fail. It's just paper.

Once the spiral is cut, refer to Video to see detail, then you'll start to roll the spiral into a tight roll, beginning with the end, or outer point or the spiral shape.

Continue to roll following the shape of the spiral until you get to the very center, then put a dot of hot glue and press the rolled rose shape onto the hot glue. ( Refer to video)

That's it! Then keep making more until you achieve the amount you need for your project.

Make sure and watch the next video/post to see how I use these paper roses to make a beautiful Valentines Day Heart on Canvas for my holiday home decor!

Thanks for watching guys! I really appreciate you all!

- Belynda

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