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Happy Earth Day!

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I’m your host Belynda Farias. Today is Thursday April 22, 2021. (day 112)

Today is #NationalEarthDay

Tomorrow is #WorldbookDay

Happy Earth Day!

Another year to celebrate our beautiful Earth!

How much time do we give to Mother Earth? The very planet that allows us to experience such natural beauty?

We should take time today, and every single day, to appreciate the time we get to walk on the natural pathways, the incredible vistas just right outside our backyard, the flowers blooming everywhere, the fresh new leaves on every tree, bush and plant.

Earth is Blooming! And we get to witness this beauty each and every year. We may get too tied up with our daily lives to really stand in appreciation of what is really happening before us... but if you catch yourself thinking about her, about Mother Nature, Mother Earth... than say "Thank you."

What is your Favorite place to experience Mother Earth? The Mountains? The Beach? The Trees? The flowers? Whichever is your favorite, be grateful.

Mother Earth gives to us freely, unconditionally, never asking for anything in return. She has many, many lessons to share with us all.

In honor of Earth Day 2021, Celebrate! Throw Earth a big party! Make a good meal, make an Earth cake! The key is to simply enjoy, celebrate and honor our big beautiful planet!

How do we take care of Mother Earth? There are so many ways to show our appreciation! Be creative! Get moving! We can help clean up, there is always debris that can be cleaned up. She appreciates this. There are groups available where you can really get involved to help make Earth

a better place.

Do some fun research and find what connects to you! You will know it when you see it. The whole point is to do something positive, good and kind to help Earth be it's best for us and for our future generations.

Mother Earth, I love and appreciate everything you are, everything you give, and all the beauty you create for us all to experience. Thank you for YOU!

Friends have Fun today! Make it AWESOME!

-Belynda Farias

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