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Happy July 1st!

It’s a Mid year Celebration! We’ve made it through half a year! It almost seems like a blink of an eye right? We’ve all been through so much and we’re working through all the hiccups. We’re doing just fine, where ever you stand today... it’s perfect.

Stop and breathe and take in this beautiful life!!

If it’s one things I’ve learned is that when there are delays in getting what you asked for, leave it alone. Don’t fret, don’t stress, don’t overthink it, it’s a simple bump in the road!

It’s the Universe’s way of showing me I have all the time in the world... my projects are still in motion, just moving in slo- mo 😌.... Cool😎

I used to stress but now I smile... I have full Trust... it’s a moment to breathe, to slow down too and to enjoy another day of living this beautiful life. No stress here, I know everything is in it’s perfect place... every single thing💕

Take today and make it everything you want, even if that means doing nothing! It’s your day to play! You hold the wand to your dreams!


Belynda Farias

The Good Morning Life

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