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Here's a simple Pumpkin Decor Idea that is Easier Than You Think! -

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

This week I'll be focusing on Easy Pumpkin DIY's that will be perfect to decorate your home or office!

I absolutely love Fall, don't you?

This morning was crisp and cool and ohh so beautiful... Just feeling the season change is super exciting and it makes me want to get my home cozy and comfy and ready to receive the season...

You might be familiar with today's trendy pumpkin decor as I will be using toilet paper rolls. You see- toilet paper has many more uses than it's known for... and I will be using rolls of TP this week to share simple and easy ways to "store your paper" and make it look great!

For today's pumpkin, I'm showing you a simple RIBBON Wrap TP Pumpkin! It can be used to create adorable pumpkin decor for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or any other fall-themed occasion.

Ok, Let's get to it! The material's you'll need are:

Toilet paper rolls - one per pumpkin decoration




Cinnamon sticks or piece of small branch

Jute ribbon for leaf

For the PUMPKIN:

To Start you'll need to unravel the ribbon spool. There are two ways to use the toilet paper roll:

  1. Flat -

  2. Fluffy

In using the roll in the FLAT state, you'll just start wrapping the ribbon through the center tube and around the outside, until you cover the entire roll, then tuck the ends in the center tube.

In using the roll in the FLUFFY state, you'll need to unravel about two feet of toilet paper, then re-wrap in onto itself adding texture and width allowing for a fuller "fluffy" pumpkin decor.

Both are so easy! And look Amazing!

You can do this with any color ribbon! I created a Double sided ribbon pumpkin, by using one type of ribbon on half of the roll and another type of ribbon of the other half. This way I can turn the pumpkin to the side I like and change the decor throughout the season without any extra work.

For the STEM:

I used Whole cinnamon sticks, tying three sticks together with a piece of twine and just sticking it into the center tube.

For the LEAF:

Using the Jute Ribbon, I cut out a leaf shape and just tucked it into the center tube.

For added Texture:

Tie a simple BOW from raffia strands and add it to the stem, it really adds a natural, rustic flair and it lools Fabulous!

That's it! So simple and Easy and it looks Great!

Tomorrow I will be making a very cute Pumpkin wreath using toilet paper rolls again... just wait and see.... you'll be amazed!

Please try today's craft and add your photos to my social media by adding the hashtag #fabulousdiyeasypumpkins

See you tomorrow!!!


-Belynda Farias

Want to see more?

Find me here!

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