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How to make an Easy & Amazing $5 Thanksgiving Wreath!

Hello Friends! Happy Friday!

With Christmas closing in quickly, Today I wanted to focus a little on Thanksgiving with a special craft project that won't break the bank and will impress your friends and family at your Thanksgiving dinner.

I'm talking about this Amazing and Beautiful $5 Napkin Wreath!


Un-huh, I wanted to challenge myself in creating a simple Thanksgiving craft that would WOW my family and guests and I made my challenge extra tough by limiting my budget to just $5 !!!


went shopping where my money stretches the most and that's the DOLLAR TREE. I know they have a great craft section and I was ready for the challenge.

I picked up the supplies below and went straight home and played around with ideas.

Supplies Needed:

1 round wire wreath form

1 pack of decorative table napkins

1 pack of decorative cocktail sized napkins

1 pack of 50 zipties'

Wire ribbon

Car Holiday decoration from Dollar tree sign

glue gun

glue sticks


To make the Napkin sets, you'll want to use the small cocktail sized napkin, open in up and forld it diagonally, first one way, then the opposite.

Fold in half and fold front and back accordion style, then tie the ends at the bottom with a small piece of pie cleaner. It should form a leaf shape.

For the Orange background, open the napkin and fold diagonally one way, then for opposite corner, except this time you'll want to offset the fold and scrunch at the bottom to create a back filler. Grab the smaller leaf shape napkin and place in front of the orange napkin.

Using a zip tie, tie the two napkin set the the inner circle of the wire wreath form and trim off the excess napkins.

Continue to create Napkin sets until you have used all the napkins. Continue to zip tie them all around the inner circle of the wire form.

This will create the beautiful Wreath texture! It looks amazing!

Using the wire ribbon, cut a length of 24" and fold together. Gather the center to create the bow look. Using an additional piece of wired ribbon, cut a piece for the bow (legs) and using a zip tie, tie the bow and legs together.

Create the Paper Braid

To make a paper braid, you'll need to cut your napkin into strips. I used three strips and hot glue the ends together to make 3 long strips to create a continuous braid. Then I braided the 3 long strips. It's ok, if it's not neat, paper is forgiving and it will look great with all it's wrinkles.

Glue the Paper braid the the inner circle of the wreath, making sure to hide and cover the zip ties and other loose ends. This will create a clean and professional look.

Using Hot glue, Add Glue to the backside of the Car sign and Glue to the top of the bottom half of the napkin wreath.

Add the Bow by tucking it behind the car sign and adding a little hot glue where needed to keep it in place.

You can add a zip tie or pipe cleaner to the top back to create a place to hang in, but the wire frame makes it easy to hang anywhere.

That's it! So easy! So Beautiful! and so Affordable, you can make these Wreaths as gifts for the holidays! Your friend's will love it!

Have an amazing weekend! Make it fun! and I'll see you in tomorrow's post/video!


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