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It’s time for Family Photos! Here’s my 5 tips for great DIY Family Holiday photos!

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Every year, my family gets together around this time for our family photo shoot for our Xmas Card.

This weekend was perfect as the weather was sunny and not too cold.

My eldest daughter Anelysse is our resident photographer having the experience and equipment to take good photos. But I want to mention that a professional camera is not required. Today’s phones have great cameras that can do a great job!

Today I’m sharing my 5 tips for a great family photo shoot for the Holidays. These tips have worked for us for many years, and over the years we’ve improved our ideas to make things run even smoother!

This year, I introduced a new idea, offering a vote for next years photo theme. it was going to be Pajamas or flannels & beanies. (You’ll have to wait until next year to see which one won the vote. Ha ha)

But why did I suggest next years theme so early? Well it’s connected to efficiency. During or after the holidays, there are really good shopping deals, sometimes even “steals” at just pennies on things. So if we know what the theme is for next year, we can pre plan our outfits even better. and save money while we’re at it! It’s a win win for all!

Needless to say, everyone was completely on board.

Ok, so what is my successful, proven tips for great Family Holiday Photos? Here they are:

  1. Plan a color scheme

  2. Select a special Location

  3. Be Flexible and Patient

  4. Have Fun- Be You!

  5. Close the event with Lunch

Plan a Color scheme

Color brings balance to your photo. Decide on two or three colors that your party can choose from. This allows individual style yet color coordination. You can also use a pattern as the theme: like checkered or stripe. You can select to wear PJ’s or Flannels… or even a simple theme like beanies! There was some years that we didn’t have a color theme and to balance the photo we opted for a black/white or Sephora finish. The turned out great!

Select a Special Location

We go to the park for our photos. Why the park you ask? Because it has sentimental value that we set 12 years ago by having the Sisters photo taken there. We go to a specific tree and take our photos. It’s so great because we get to see how we have all changed through the years. Choose a location that sparks something special for your family, this will be key for the general feeling of your photo.

Be Flexible and Patient

Good fotos take time. Sometimes the camera is slow, the weather, and the needs of each individual, but keeping things light and flexible keeps this fun and the smiles rolling.

They say “Patienice is a virtue” , yes it is! tPlan on having some water bottles or light snacks available for your party in case they need a little pick me up.

Have Fun-Just Be YOU!

It is important to capture You! Not a fake smile or pose, but You! Have fun! Smile, Laugh and let yourself be the yourself.

Make sure you get silly pics too! It’s very important to capture the fun of the moment! You will look back on the years and truly cherish the silly photos!

Close your Family photo Day with Lunch!

Ending the event with lunch, offers food and beverages to replenish the energ, but more than that, it allows opportunity to laugh and talk about what happened during the photo shoot. The important thing is Family, being together in the moment. Appreciate the time spent in Family. Talk about the upcoming holiday plans, about things that are importan. Dream together of next years travel or events. This is your time. The years go by too fast, really. So make the very best of today. Spend this time in Family love.

As the years go by, one seems to hold on and cherish the special moments spent with Family.

These are special moments in time indeed, and how lucky are we all to get that opportunity onc a year!

A special Thank you to my Family for all you are and all you do to keep our Family Spirit alive in Love! I love you all so much!

Happy Sunday Friends! May it be all you want it to be, and so much more💕

Much love to you all!

- Belynda

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