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It's Time! To get back on Track!

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I’m your host Belynda Farias. Today is Thursday April 1, 2021. (day 91)

Today is #NationalAprilfoolsday

Tomorrow is #NationalPeanutbutterandjellyday

Main Story-

It's Time! To get back on Track!

Happy Thursday and Happy 1st day of April! Yes here we are three months into 2021 and starting another beautiful month!

The last month on my life has been consumed by all of the preparations of my new New Business model.

My county requires certain detailed reports when opening a food based business and boy! it is a list!

To comply with their list of required documents I have probably about 1000 hours of market research plus numerous hours sitting at the computer typing, creating, editing, and re-editing the Business plan review that I will finally be dropping off tomorrow. Yay!

I was thinking last night, how this whole adventure has really changed my normal pace of my Good Morning Life and how much I miss my morning routine. Yes, I fell of my routine schedule to make this happen and although I do not regret my new business focus, I'm feeling stiff and sore because I want to get back into peaceful morning routine.

Why do we do this? To stretch ourselves. To learn new things. I wouldn't have it any other way. I trust the process and know that this was where I was supposed to be and now that it's done, I can connect back to my familiar "Home" of my morning routine.

I thought of the new experiences I've made with my girls, about all the new information I've learned about a food business and all the new things I've learned about myself. I love and appreciate my journey and I celebrate my journey as I've shared it with you all! I am grateful, very grateful.

Today however, I'm making a deliberate decision to get back on track! I am going for a walk with my girls later today and I look forward to it! My morning routine will return. I am patient with myself. I love starting things with the new month and April is ME month! I'm happy to be done with the business plans and I get this month to do more with my cooking, recipes and meditations and I oh so look forward to it!

The decision is yours! You decide when enough is enough! You decide when it's time to reconnect. You decide when to stop. YOU. no one else. This is hard to hear sometimes, because it is easy to many excuses that we can't because of X reason. Truth is YOU CAN. and you should really listen to that little inner voice that is Guiding you. Not the doubtful voice but the teacher in you, you know the one.

Stop and Listen. Listen to your heart, to your soul. Listen and Learn.

Today is the first day of a new chapter, a new month and new beginning to whatever you want! Today is your day. Your decision to make this Month a FABULOUS Month for YOU!

I'm with you! It's time to get back on track Friends! Together we can do this!

Belynda Farias

"The decision is yours!

You decide when it's enough!

You decide when to get back to you.

YOU decide, no one else.

Take today and get back on track!"

- Belynda Farias

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