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Let life bring you good surprises!

Welcome to the Good Morning Life

Welcome to The Good Morning Life! - A daily Blog and Micropodcast about Everyday living, Fresh Ideas and Delicious Recipes for a happy and healthy life!

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I’m your host Belynda Farias. Today is Monday February 15, 2021. (day 46)

Today is National Gumdrop Day

Tomorrow is International Pancake Day!

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Main Story-

Let life bring you good surprises!

I'll be honest, today I slept in... I guess my body was a little tired and needed to catch up on some zzzzz's, so my morning goals were switched up. But that's ok, because today...

Life brought me a few good surprises, let me share...

I was pleasantly awaken by the cash ring notification from my phone... I reached over to get my phone off the nightstand only to see I had an order for a few ceramic bunny mugs from my Etsy shop... I smiled. I felt a little guilty I didn't get up early to write and podcast as I usually do for my daily inspirations... but I smiled because I felt like everything was OK despite my sleeping in.

I was excited about today! I've been working on a few new projects and today I would continue the excitement of planning. I was ready for anything as I trusted I was in the right place at the right time and all was well in my world.

I was surprised when the cash ring rang again... another order? Wow, the order from earlier, had doubled his order, with a possible, there may be more added to his comment. This was a Fabulous, not going to lie, way to greet my day!

I relaxed and let Life surprise me today and it did! I received good news I didn't expect, I got a phone call for an coaching appointment this week, and I got nominated for a prize I didn't expect.

You see, when you Trust, and I mean deeply trust, that Life is taking care of You, it just shows up! I refer to LIFE as your Inner Power, God, Source, The Universe, or any term you use for the Higher Power, as Life.... is always, and I mean Always, guiding us. It is always on our side, working with us to reach our hopes, goals and dreams. It knows the best and quickest way to get there. It know the who, what, where, when and how to make it happen. It's called total Trust that Life will take you on the Best ride of your Life, if you let it be.

Most of the time, Fear tries to guide... by "protecting" or "preventing" or "saving" you from getting emotionally "hurt". But this trust in Fear Protecting you is still just that... Trusting in FEAR....

Friends, I learned a long time ago, to question everything. To listen and see what my "Fear" was telling me and then decide if I would respond out of Fear... or TRUST in the God force that I know has my back. For a while I gave in and responded to Fear, until I learned to sit still and listen to my Inner God Force guiding me through this temporary Fear based moment.

Today, I'm encouraging you to sit, relax, sleep in as well. KNOW that ALL IS WELL. All of it! Yes, today, let Life bring you good, unexpected surprises that will surprise and delight you to your hearts content. They are lined up I tell you... just waiting to show up--- just for you.

Bask in the perfection of Life!


- Belynda Farias

"Sometimes life surprises you and exceeds your expectations.

Take notice of this,

be thankful and more days

like this will come.

Be grateful."

- Anonymous

I'm re-posting yesterdays List of 26 ways to Celebrate the Good as it is to Good not to! Take a moment to make your list of 26 ways Celebrate your Good and post it so you can feel how blessed and loved you are.....

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