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Love Cupcakes? Make these amazing Faux cupcakes!

I absolutely love cupcakes! But I realized I cannot keep eating them every single day!

Don't get me wrong, I really would love to... but calories do add up and I needed to solve this problem without adding extra calories to my day.

Solution? Faux Cupcakes!

What is a Faux Cupcake? It is a decorative cupcake made with non edible ingredients, yet it looks amazingly realistic. Again these are NOT for eating, but for looking and they add so much to your decor. You can eat them with your eyes, and not gain a single pound! yes!

Ok, so how do I make these forever cupcakes? here's the supply list ...


Cupcake liners

cupcake tin

Spray foam with straw

lightweight spackling paste

Piping bag

Star piping tip


For the Faux Cupcake:

Gently spray foam into cupcake liners about 1/2 way full. If you add a bit more they will puff a bit more, so experiment and try it and see what works best for you!

Allow the foam to dry, read the package instructions to see what is recommended for the product you are using.

I let them dry overnight, because I had other things to do, but they are usually ready to work with within an hour or two.

For the Faux Frosting:

For the frosting, you will be filling your piping bag with the lightweight spackling paste.

I purchased Onetime Lightweight Spackling from Amazon. It comes in different sizes but I purchase the 1 gallon container, because I knew I would be using it alot. It was only about $24

Get yours here

Make sure you drop in the star piping tip first! Once your piping bag is full, you'll want to twist the top and make a knot if possible or I like to use a chip clip to seal it.

Them pipe away! Create any swirls onto your Faux cupcake! The important thing is to have fun! You'll get better with practice, so let's get to it!

Allow them to dry, usually a couple hours and then you're ready to place them anywhere they'll bring joy to.... You can give them as gifts too!

That's it! Enjoy this fun activity! Please share your pics with me! I want to see what you made!

Okay... on to the next project!... see you in the next video.


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