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Day 1- Season 2021

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Happy New Year to you all! We're here today alive and well and ready for change right?

2020 was undoubtedly filled with roller coaster emotions and new ways of living and coping with the covid-19 Pandemic, but the good news is we made it through the year and today we start a new chapter.

2021 is filled with hope. Hope for a new beginning with good news so we may move forward into a more positive rhythm. The real truth? Although the world is going through change, and it affects us as a whole, living on a daily basis depends on your individual thoughts and focus to feel good. We choose what we listen to, what we want to repeat in our minds over and over again, and what actions we take. I know this is a scary time, but look, not only are we still alive, we are stronger, smarter, and moving into a new phase of creative living.

Ok, so now let's focus on moving forward. Let's look at the morning sunrise and be thankful for another day and watching the sun set and being thankful for the days gifts.

Gratitude is the key to keeping in check, aligned and connected to the inner, expanded version of you. The calm, collected, intelligent and creative you that is ready to take this year and own it.

What can One do?

Let go and Live Happy! When you let go of the things that don't feel good in your life, you will live happier! Truth! My philosophy has always been to have fun in life. I'm sure you all thought that in your younger school years, but as we became adults, we spent more time being responsible and less time focused on fun. But, what happens when we disconnect with fun? We lose a part of us that craves and needs fun on a regular schedule.

Goodbye 2020! It's time for Fabulous!

Life is meant to be Fun (and Fabulous!)

There are endless opportunities presented to have fun in life every single day. An endless buffet of adventures to select from. From the simplest to the more detailed moments, Fun is a feeling that brings much joy. And who doesn't want to feel joy?

I decided a long time ago that I would only do things that were fun and even when things may not be or sound fun, it's all about the right attitude. This means that one has control over what they feel and getting in the fun zone is the perfect decision.

I've had the chance to discover and explore many arts, crafts and creative hobbies and have made a healthy living teaching these skills in classes. My newest fun adventure is a whole brand in the DIY platform, under Everyday we learn something new and I'm taking my fun in creating my projects and sharing them with my community as DIY videos. This is the absolute fun challenge for me and I love it!

Can one really make a living doing something they love? One can certainly make a living doing something or many things they absolutely love. I understand the worry and concern of the idea of "How will I make enough money to make this work?" It's easy!... Really! but just like anything, you must put the work into it and be patient and focused and it will start generating the income you dream.

I'm so excited for 2021!This will be my best year yet!

Let's have some fun!


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