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No-Sew "Beanie" Pumpkins!

Today we're playing with Beanies! I found these in my closet the other day and I thought I'm ready to wear these cuties... but until the weather changes a bit more... I'll play with them.

I quickly ran and got a roll of toilet paper and some twine and I knew what I was about to do...

I thought this was a great No-Sew, Quick and Easy DIY decorative Pumpkins! These Sweater looking pumpkins are Perfect, because they look Fabulous, and yet you are not damaging the Beanie so when you're ready to use it, you can take off the twine and remove the roll of TP and put it on!

These are super easy that ANYONE can do this! So come on, Let's get to it!

What you'll Need:


1 roll of Toilet Paper per pumpkin

Rubber band


Raffia for bow.

Watch my YouTube video below for visual pointers👍👌🤩

Ok, now it’s your turn… go grab your Beanies and make so fun pumpkins!!

Tag me in your post! #FabulousDIYprojects

See you Tomorrow! We're baking up some yummy Cookies!


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