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October is Here! Let's Celebrate! Plus, the little pink lifesaver for your parties!!!

Happy October 1st! I absolutely love October! There is so much happening this month... for starters, it's my Husband's Birthday today. Happy Birthday Honey!! Always wishing the very Best!!

The 1st is a perfect way to kick off the month celebrating with a big party for my sweet husband!

October is simply perfect weather! Fall is in the air.. mornings are crisp and cool, leaves are starting to turn colors, and maybe a little bit of rain... this means hot yummy beverages, cozy and comfy clothing, scarfs, sweaters, boots, and more... ahhhh.... I'm in heaven!

Today is a special day to also kick off and celebrate my acceptance into the Amazon Influencer program! What does this mean? I finally get to talk, share, and create videos and content that will highlight the amazon purchases I use everyday! It also allows me to earn a very small commission on the products that I share with you! This is a win win! I love the convenience of Amazon...I purchase something almost everyday.... and I love many of the products... so why hold back my excitement when I love something... now I can share and help others love the products as well.

Since today is my Husband's Birthday, I wanted to share of of the products I use and love... at every party! It tradition to decorate for all birthdays in my house, so I pretty much go all out!

When I found this NULINK BALLOON INFLATOR, I was relieved! Before this little lifesaver, I was blowing up the balloons with my own air... that was insane! Well, I wasn't making balloon garlands at the time, but just blowing up a few balloons was all I could do!

Since I purchased this little power inflator last year, I've been using it with every single birthday, as well as a few parties I was asked to decorate for...

At just $16.99, this is a steal! It is totally worth it and I've made my money back ten times! You can too!

This is the magic link to get your very own little NULINK!

Celebrating my Hubby's Birthday with a Balloon Garland.... This was a life saver!

Guys, Life is what you make of it, and a while ago, I decided to really live my Life in FUN and to let go of Fear... and listen to my heart!

It was the best decision ever! I haven't looked back! I live everyday in Joy!

Happy October 1st! Happy beginnings to whatever you wish to happen this month!

Celebrate! Enjoy! Be Giddy with Excitement! for Life is too short otherwise....

See you tomorrow for another chat!

-Belynda Farias

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