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Plan B looks good....Practicing Flexibility!

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I’m your host Belynda Farias. Today is Wednessday March 24, 2021. (day 83)

Today is #Internationaldayforachievers

Tomorrow is #Internationalwaffleday

Main Story-

Plan B looks good!.....Practicing Flexibility

Good Morning! Today's post is about flexibility.

Many times we think we have everything all planned out and for the most part, they look good. But there are times that just don't follow our plan... that's when we call on

Plan B.

Flexibility is an important trait as we build resiliency and can bounce back from just about anything. But how does one become flexible?

If you've listened to any of my podcasts, I love to play games, the game of Life that is and I really enjoy it. What I'm saying is to become more flexible in what Life brings to you, You have to look at it like a game.

I love to be a detailed planner. I love to plan meetings, events, parties, vacations, field trips and such. However, even with all of my planning, I have learned to be very flexible, because things happen and you have to be prepared... anytime.... all of the time. This is where Plan B, C or D really come in handy.

Talk about over planning right? Having multiple plans as backup sounds like maybe a bit too much right? Well in my book, I feel well prepared and that is not a bad thing. Could this be control? Trying to control my events and circumstances? Maybe, but I'm not stuck with any of my plans... if one of them works, great! and if not, I move on.

This is being flexible, this is playing the game, this is TRUST in the Universe that all good will come my way in all I do.

As you know from my post the other day, I talked about my new chapter. An opportunity to open a restaurant and build my own chain. As incredible as this sounds and long hours of hard work in the pre-planning stages, yesterday I was given a new idea of thought. I though I had it all, the charts, the layouts, the details... only to be told by the Environmental Health Manager that maybe I should think about a new space, one that already has everything I need, rather than start from scratch. He went on to give me leads of places as well. I had not thought about this, I had been planning my current location and remodeling, rather transforming it into a new magical place.

At first I was thrown off. This was not my plan. But I listened and listened some more. You see He is the expert and knows these areas very well. I'm just a new chess piece learning the game. But I don't mind. I listened to his views and also listened to my inner guidance. What feels good is most certainly the pathway I am going to be taking....

I made a few calls and now I'm waiting. Friends, I don't know where this is going, it's like being on a raft and I just veered off into a new direction, but I'm strapped in, I'm safe, and I'm enjoying the ride....

Today is a new day, filled with new ideas. I love the discovery of the newness in my day, knowing it will align with my dreams, my plans and my life adventure.

Flexibility is an important key to success! One must be ready for any adventure. So, Friends... do not be afraid of the wrench in the gears... it's an opportunity to meet a new mechanic that will help explain a new point of view. One that may open new doors for you to explore, to ponder on... to discover a new side of you......and really, you'll never know what amazing adventure awaits you, if you don't practice Flexibility.

It's been another amazing chat with you! Wishing you a Fantabulous Day Friends! See you tomorrow!

Belynda Farias

" “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”

Albert Einstein "

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