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Positive Changes bring good things.... (Day 1 of 12)

Happy Thursday Friends!

Today I started my new 12 day Juice Challenge! Yes this is another opportunity to do something good for ourselves and bring good fresh raw juice into our bodies.

Two days ago, I finished my 7 day Juice shot challenge. I was initially inspired by my cool AICOOK Juicer I purchased on Amazon. I wanted to try it out and it inspired a complete week of trying different juice shot variations.

When I began I didn't really have a plan. I just did what "felt" right. Drinking the juice felt great. It tasted pretty good too, and it inspired my family to drink the fresh juice as well... so positive changes bring good things.

I was eventually inspired to continue juicing, so I created the 12 day juice plan. I also have a Birthday coming up in December so I put the two together and though this would be a great thing to do for myself, you know as a Birthday gift.

I've been inviting friends and family to join me on this 12 Day Juicing challenge and I really appreciate all my new subscribers and everyone who has downloaded the FREE Download of the 12 Day Juice Plan. Get yours HERE if you don't have it yet.

Ok, so Day I is here! Today I started my day as usual getting up and ready, and getting the kids off to school. When I returned, I made coffee while getting my Juicer ready.

I began to make today's Juice, which was Celery, Carrot and Ginger. This delicious fresh juice is o e of my favorites!

Watch the YouTube video here:

I feel so excited about this new juice challenge as I know Positive changes bring good things......

After my juice I meditated for a short time then went to do some stretching for about 30 minutes. This is great! I haven't spent time with good body stretching for a long time so this felt great! not gonna lie....

Day 1 Juicing went Fabulous! I'm excited to plan my Holiday DIY Craft Videos I' will rolling out Novemeber 1st.

I'm working on the Holiday Series that will be Fun to share with you all!

Ok, I hope you had a Fabulous 1st day of Juicing too! If you have any questions or comments, please let me know! I'd love to help, share and learn together.

Have a Fabulous Thursday! See you here tomorrow morning for Day 2!


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