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Pumpkin Carved with a Cuticle trimmer? Yes! and it's Beautiful!

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Pumpkin carving is a beautiful art and this Halloween you can become the star of your pumpkin party with just 1 little thing... a cuticle trimmer!

I know that's hard to believe but, this little tool can carve up so pretty simple designs to reveal a beautiful handcrafted piece of art!

It's so simple too! For this project you'll need:

- A small to medium pumpkin

- 1 cuticle trimmer

- (optional carving tools)

- black paint

- paper towels

- water

Practice on the underside of the pumpkin for a little bit to understand the use of the tool. Then once you're comfortable, start carving on the pumpkin itself.

Start with a clean, washed pumpkin.

Go with simple shapes. I love the simplicity of flowers and leaves.

Take your time.

Practice on the underside.

Once you've carved your design, paint a small section with acrylic black paint, make sure the paint gets into the carved grooves, then take a damp paper towel and wipe off the excess paint.

Do not leave the paint on too long or it will dry and will be harder to remove.

Once all paint is cleaned off, give your pumpkin masterpiece a bit of extra glow, by rubbing a paper towel with a little bit of cooking oil and wipe it all over the pumpkin. This is just for the glow. Do not leave excess oil on your design. Wipe on, wipe off.

That's it! Show off your Beautiful Pumpkin at your Halloween event and surprise your friends when you tell them you used a cuticle trimmer to carve your masterpiece!

Tag me in your pics at #FabulousDIY I want to see your Creations!

Ok Friends! I'm off to make Cupcakes!

See you in tomorrow's Video!

- Belynda

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