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Silver Dollar Eucalyptus- 4 ways to bring into home!

True Story... I fell in love with the Seeded Eucalyptus plant in my floral arrangement days...

I love the movement, the texture, the shape, the color, the smell... And I love the element it adds to any floral arrangement... absolutely beautiful!

Fast forward to many years ahead... three years ago we purchased our home and since it was a new build, the back yard was bare. Bare, but full of opportunities to plant whatever plants, and trees and anything I wanted...

I began my search for the Seeded Silver Dollar Eucalyptus tree. This variety of tree is not that easy to find. My search took approximately one year. Then one day, my husband brought home my beautiful little baby tree. It was the one, The Silver Dollar Eucalyptus I had been waiting for...

I have been caring for this baby for two years, as this tree is a slow growing tree, but so far it's doing great and after two years, I got to trim off a few branches today, because they were too low and sucking up too much energy.

What an opportunity! I was excited to finally have a little bit of this favorite tree in my home...

I created a cute video and appropriately named it "4 uses for Fresh Eucalyptus in your Home."

Click here to watch the full video

So next, we'll talk about the 4 uses I found were great for my home...

Don't have access to Fresh Silver Dollar Eucalyptus?  Try These! 


Everyone has an empty glass bottle or two, lying around. This is the perfect opportunity to bring that empty bottle into the spotlight!

I love Mother Earth and anytime I can recycle and reuse, I do it!

Make sure your glass jars are clean and fill half way with fresh cool water.

Add some cuttings of the Silver Dollar Eucalyptus to it and place it somewhere in your home, where it adds some color and more importantly it add "Life" to that area.

I used a cute bottle set I got at TJ Maxx and it added color and life to my Farmhouse bookshelf. I love it!

You can always add Flowers for added color and textures, however I love the simplicity of the green and of course highlighting the beautiful leaves creating movement and wonder.

Okay, maybe I love it a bit much, but it's ok... is it not a good thing to feel connected to nature?

Make sure you add water to your jar to keep them fresh and looking lively...

They should keep well for a week or more!

Ok, moving on to #2....

Farmhouse Milk Bottle with Decorative Basket!



Why would you ever bring this plant into your shower?

Well the benefits, outweigh the confusion...

The benefits of a steam shower with a fresh eucalyptus branch offers a calming effect on one's nerves.

When a person takes a eucalyptus branch steam bath, they can feel a calming effect on their nerves. This is due to the high levels of eucalyptol in the leaves of the eucalyptus plant.

An added benefit is the purifying effect on one’s skin.

A eucalyptus branch steam bath is a great way to purify your skin. The steam opens the pores and removes impurities from the skin. A eucalyptus branch can also help relieve respiratory issues such as coughs and colds, and it has a calming effect on your mind and body.

If you do not have access to Fresh eucalyptus, you'll have to try the steam shower with a few drops of pure organic eucalyptus oil.

I've been using essential oils for 10 years now and love it! I have my favorites like ylang ylang, Bergamot, Lavender and Peppermint, but I use Eucalyptus Oils for when I want to open my breathing passages, with a cold, or just want the fresh reset kind of feeling from a steam shower.

Shop my Amazon Favorites for Eucalyptus Essential oil here


This version is on a larger scale from my first one of the Sprigs in a bottle....

Here I take the full curly branch, trim off the excess leaves, Cut the stem at an angle to tap into the fresh water and let the beauty of the plant shine in the spotlight!

I found a nice cylindrical glass vase, ready to junp as the host for this beautiful branch.

I washed the vase and added fresh cool water to it, preparing the stage for the sage color, round leaf beauty, allowing the curvy branches to fall as they wish.

I love the light and airy movement inspired by the lightweight leaves.

I chose to place the glass vase on my handpainted round, checkered side table, truly a stunning centerpiece.

What can I say? I love feeling the raw, natural vibes of the fresh branches filling my home. I have to be patient as I can only cut a few small branches every now and then, until the day it is big and strong and ready to partner with my floral projects.

Looking for a tall glass vase?

Get it here!

I have one last creative use for the Eucalyptus leaves, left over from striping the stems or fallen leaves as I cut the branches.... This idea is a fun artful project.


This activity is fun for the kids and for the family as well!

You can use air dry clay or ceramic clay, like I have used.

(Note: ceramic clay will need to be fired in a kiln, Air dry clay, will dry out and be ready in about a day)

Materials Needed:

Eucalyptus Leaves

Clay (of choice)

6 12" lengths of twine

1 metal spoon


piping bag or plastic baggie

knife/exacto knife

Rolling pin

What to Do:

-Roll out clay

-Lay leaves over the clay

-Using the rolling pin, gently press and roll the leaves into the clay to create an imprint

-Using the knife, cut around the leaf shape

- Cut a small hole on top of leaf for necklace/twine to go through

-Use damp sponge to smooth out rough spots

-Set aside and allow to dry completely

-Air Dry Clay is ready to paint

-Ceramic clay is ready to fire bisque, then glaze

- Once painted, add cord/necklace and wear or hang and admire your project!

-Well Done!

Get your easy-ready to go Necklace cords with closures for your leaf prints here!

What a successful day today guys! What fun in playing with a favorite medium... the Silver Dollar Eucalyptus branches and leaves! I hope you have enjoyed my take on using nature to add life to your home decor!

Please note I have added a few of my favorite Amazon links for your shopping convenience to work with the 4 Uses in using the Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, and as a disclosure I do get a small commission from Amazon for suggesting the items on my page, (which is of no cost to you,) yet helps me keep my blog going. Thank you for your support!

I have so enjoyed today's fun and I look forward to meeting you in the next post!

Until then, join me on the other platforms and let's be social media friends!

- Belynda