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Stretch Yourself! Focus on that Dream!

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I’m your host Belynda Farias. Today is Tuesday March 23, 2021. (day 82)

Today is #NationalPuppyDay

Tomorrow is #InternationalDayforAchievers

Main Story-

Stretch Yourself! Focus on that Dream!

It's a Busy day today! I want to take a few minutes to just focus on Expansion.

Everyday we wake up with 24 hours on the clock. How will you use those 24 hours?

In the focus of Expansion, I mean stretching yourself! Deciding to do something new, something that is special to you, something that excites you.

Many times, the simple idea of doing something new, out of routine, can be scary. You may think you're too old, or tired, or "X" reason,,,,, but that is not the case. Making a firm decision to try and do something new, is you Taking Control of your day, of your life.

Yes, you may be older, you may be tired... but you're still breathing and You CAN do it!

It is NEVER too late!

What this is really, is Dreaming! It's giving yourself the green light to try something different, to learn something new. We all have many dreams in our dream vault, big, medium and little dreams. Take a Pick! Choose one! Select a little dream and give yourself permission to try it starting today.

What does that look like? Easy. Just think about it. Get ideas about it. Take notes about it. Get creative and have fun with this idea of your dream. That's how it begins! It's really about how many minutes of your day that you decide to give to this dream.

I am a dreamer, it's true. I love to dream up ideas... lot's of them... all the time. And guess what has happened every single time I focus on one of those dreams? They have manifested!

I have been blessed to know this secret. We all have these abilities to create something from nothing... all through the magic of focus thought.

This is a perfect example of expansion,( since I feel I am always testing the limits of what can I do.)

I like to use my day to it's maximum and try new things all of the time. Will things be perfect all the time? No, they won't. Will I learn from that experience? Yes, and that very act has created expansion. I am a better person, a better ME because I have learned, because the next time I try something I will remember my experiences, and will make changes to improve my new experience.

You have to get comfortable with this idea and there's no better way than to just jump in and do it!

Friends, I know you have dreams, big dreams. Maybe you think it's too late to try it, but I want to encourage you to take a small step in taking this week to simply think about your dream and see what happens. You will notice your excitement, your heart beating a little quicker from the joy this brings you. Just Thinking about the Dream that excites you, can create a positive change in your life.

Here's the most important part though..... keep focused on the DREAM.

DO NOT focus on any stress that can be attached to the dream.... like money.

Let me give you an example... You've always dreamed of taking a trip to the Bahamas because you love the beaches, the sun and the relaxation. You love the fun cocktails, the people and the culture. You can see yourself in your swimsuit, or comfortable clothes, walking along the shoreline, feeling the sand sticking to your toes, while the beautiful sun kisses your cheek. You hear the waves of the ocean and the people laughing and having a great time. You love your perfect hotel room with a view and open patio with a direct walkway to the water... You feel amazing here.... That is DREAMING. It did not take money to think about all this... you just magically transported yourself there by thought and had fun thinking about it in detail.

KEEP PLAYING this game. Use it with ANYTHING! Just the act of dreaming and playing with creative thought has brought your mind expansion. Great Job!

Friends, we don't dream enough! Keep creating new dreams, new things to dream about, new ways to have fun and enjoy your life and I promise you, you will feel great! Listen to your dreams and play often, This is a big part of The Good Morning Life, I talk about.

That's it for today Friends, I hope to have brought you some inspiration to Let Go and Live Happy! (That's my Instagram - @letgolivehappy)

Always wishing you the best friends! See you tomorrow!

Belynda Farias

" Create something from nothing... all through the magic of focused thought. "

-Belynda Farias

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