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Take the Risk! Follow that Dream

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I’m your host Belynda Farias. Today is Friday February 26, 2021. (day 57)

Today is #NationalPistachioDay

Tomorrow is #NationalStrawberryDay

Main Story-

Take a Risk! Try that Dream!

Have you ever thought of doing something, but were too afraid to try, because it was too much of a risk? Why try? Because this Dream matters to You... and fear is getting in the way....

You see, fear is a good emotion, it keeps us safe from things that may actually harm us physically... This is good.

The problem is that fear does not know the difference between physical, emotional, temporary or long term pain... it just reacts. But I like to think that we can outsmart our fear mechanism on things that are not going to physically hurt us, and that we can bypass, or push through, our fears and get to our dreams!

Taking a risk is definitely scary in some cases... but not all the cases really...

Take for example my own fear.... I recently developed and idea, and a Fear, of opening a Restaurant. (This is a real fear, guys)

I've opened many businesses in my years and feel very confident with the process. I've never opened a restaurant because maybe I would over think things too much. I stress about the success of the restaurant, and I know it takes time to build a business. I think of the process, the supplies, the employees, the service, the presentation, the menu, the taste, the long hours.... and all the other details to run a successful restaurant.

I never really saw myself in the food industry, as I didn't know much about it or had much interest in cooking, let alone cooking or baking for others. But recently, since my youngest daughter was diagnosed Type 1 Diabetes... we've adjusted many recipes to accommodate her dietary needs. I began experimenting with various ingredients to make "fun" foods for her and we came up with a few good candidates.

This lead to a new idea... that if I can help my daughter with these new foods and she loved them, and so did my family....then maybe there were others who would love it too. I began exploring the idea and really fell in love with the concept. My fears kick in frequently, I'll be honest, but I kick them out.

I gauge myself on my feelings. This idea feels Fabulous, exciting, scary, adventurous, Fun, satisfying and right. I know that this is a true formula for a successful business. You must feel really good about the whole idea.... even if it scares the daylights out of you. This is Good.

So, long story short... I'm working on a business plan, Dreaming daily, working out the details, and someday soon I will open my first restaurant and I know it will be Fabulous. (stay tuned....)

Is taking these kind of risks, "safe"? Will I fail? As with any business there is a financial investment, and yes there is a may be lost...

I know this... “You will never know until you let go of the fear and Try it! “

You may succeed on your first try... or you may fail, but there are very valuable lessons in failing, and really failure's definition is what YOU say it is, and I like to say Failure is one of my life Teachers, always there to help me learn new ways, new ideas, and new strategies to improve my life towards my dreams. It's all how you look at it.

So Friends, What does this mean for you? Whatever your Dream is...however big it is... and you are too afraid to do it... TRY IT, Take the Risk! You only live this one life! And it is far BETTER to TRY and FAIL, then to Never Try at All....

Always wishing you the Best in your Life Adventures!

- Belynda Farias

"The one who falls and gets up is stronger than the one who never tried. do not fear failure but rather fear not trying."

-Roy T. Bennett

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