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Try it Tuesday- Magic Matcha Latte!

Do you love Matcha Tea? How about trying a Sweet Matcha Latte?

Let's try it together on today's Try it Tuesday's episode...

This Sweet Matcha Latte package is available in my new Fabulous Amazon Finds Shop, you can get yours here:

Sweet Matcha is USDA Organic with only 2 ingredients in the package? Natural organic Cane Sugar and organic Matcha Powder. Awesome! It's gluten free, non GMO, and Nutrient dense!

A 1lb pak is about $13.00 and it's on One day delivery! so you'll be able to make your Lattes tomorrow morning!

My teen daughter wanted to try it one day, so I ordered it and she absolutely loved it! She likes it hot over ice, but you can make it any way you choose. I like the latte style and I make it in my Awesome Milk Frother!

I absolutely love this thing! The Haddin eon Milk Frother makes Barista style Frothy drinks in under 2 minutes! Now who wouldn't want a Frothy drink in record time?

This nifty Frother in available today on Amazon for $33.99 which is a Steal for the amount of Latte's you'll be making! Get your's here!

Ok, Let's get to the Sweet Matcha Latte!

You'll Need:

Haddin eon Milk Frother

2-3 tsp of Sweet Matcha Powder

8 oz Milk

Mug and straw

Check out my Youtube Video on the Sweet Matcha Latte!

Thanks for watching! I look forward to tomorrow's video, I'll be making delicious Almond Waffles!



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