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Valentine’s Yarn Tassels- Day 6

These yarn tassels are perfect for using up yarn and ribbon bits.

For this project you’ll need:

- Various yarn and ribbon

- Wood hearts detail

- Wood Beads

- twine


Making the tassels:

Using an 8” cutting mat, wrap yarn strands around the mat twice (or 36” inches total)

Add ribbons (16”) wrap over yarn

With Twine- Tie Together Yarn and ribbons at top

Cut yarn off the mat

Take tied yarn strands and add wood beads to top

Hot glue wood heart details - see video

Trim ends of yarn

That’s it! You have a beautiful valentines item perfect for a gift or for your holiday home decor!

Lets see your work! Show us your projects! We’ll add them to our gallery!

See you tomorrow for another fun project!


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